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Fueling Our Future Transportation Needs technical meeting

Conventional petroleum-based transportation fuels have undesirable impacts on health, the environment, and geopolitics.  Advances in fuels, and power or storage systems may address issues that are concerning without sacrificing mobility expectations.  Bill Chamberlin will draw on his 30+ years in R&D and participation in alternative fuel developments to highlight some of the obstacles to progressing these advances to reality.  The current desire to move away from the hazards of current fossil fuels will not be a success if it results in exchanging known problems for new ones.  Previous efforts to develop alternatives can highlight some of the issues that need to be considered for a successful transition.  Some examples of the areas that will be discussed are safety, cost, and resource supply.

Bill Chamberlin spent 34 years in R&D at The Lubrizol Corporation involved in researching advanced crankcase lubricant applications.  He retired in 2004 and continues to consult.  Advanced lubricant applications Bill has worked on include: rotary engines, direct injection 2-strokes, and alternatively fueled engines (alcohols, gaseous fuels, biofuels, etc.).  In 2003, he was recognized as the Outstanding Chemist of the Year by the Northeast Ohio American Chemical Society Section.  Bill was elected as SAE Fellow in 1995.  Bill has also been active in the SAE including Chair of the SAE Emerging Technology Committee, Chair of the Cleveland Section, and member of the SAE Sections Board.  He holds 15 patents and has authored or co-authored 19 papers.  He holds BA (1966) and MS (1970) degrees in chemistry from Miami University (Ohio).

Please join us as we host Bill on Monday, December 13, 6:00 PM, in an online virtual session, by registering at the following link:

Have Your Say

SAE BC would like to get your input on upcoming events.  Please fill out this survey for the speakers and topics you would like to see this meetings season:

If you recall last year, we had great success hosting speakers with topics like lightweight design, vehicle assembly manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, race car history, and Lyft's Mirai ride sharing.  We'd love for you to be part of this year's speaker selection success as well.

Our Last Event, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle technology

We were treated to a great presentation by Dr. Zaher at our last event, where he touched on all the components, acronyms and technologies that are becoming more prevalent, as our vehicles are becoming evermore electrified, if not completely electric.

Thank you to Dr. Zaher and indeed to all our speakers for your time and insight, as we all get educated on our rapidly-changing surroundings.  This meeting was very well-attended, with good participation in the concluding Q&A period.


‘Newsletter Editor, Secretary, and Vice Chair’

SAE BC has three open Board positions. Please inquire if you are interested in getting involved. Supporting SAE BC looks good on one’s resume as volunteer work for the community.

Position: Newsletter Editor
Description: We are looking for someone who can create our monthly Mailchimp newsletter. This is an important position and requires someone who can help advertise our events, surveys, event summaries, and featured student teams and companies. The position would include collaboration with the social media and website manager and would take 1-hr max/month.

Position: Secretary
Description: We are looking for someone who can attend each board meeting and using a laptop, record the meeting minutes along with action items as discussed. This is an important position and requires someone who can listen/understand/interpret and type/format documentation all at the same time. The position provides a significant amount of power to the person responsible, as they can influence the action item details and overall direction of the SAE BC Chapter.

Position: Vice Chair
Description: A Vice chair is needed to help support SAE BC in general by attending local chapter meetings and helping to drive action items. The vice-chair may lead meetings when the chair is unavailable, and support the board as required. New ideas are always welcome.  Supporting SAE BC also looks good on one’s resume as volunteer work for the community.

For all SAE BC openings, contact if interested.
Question of the Month:

If you haven't yet participated in any SAE BC events, what would help?  If you have, what might we improve upon?

Use the technical meeting event registration form, or reply to this e-mail, to record your answer.
Last Month's QotM responses: Do you believe the transportation sector can do its part to limit global average temperature increase to 1.5 °C? If not, which mode of transportation will let us down the most?
  • 26× Yes
  • Light-duty vehicles. EV adoption is too slow, not enough incentive to switch
  • Aviation
  • Don't have enough knowledge to give an answer
  • No, the airline industry will fare the worst

SAE British Columbia

The BC Section of SAE International is now in its 74th year, since being officially designated as the SAE British Columbia Group on June 12, 1946. The Section has about 250 regular members with additional student members at UBC, UVic, SFU and BCIT.

The majority of our Members live and work in the Lower Mainland, and represent a wide spectrum of technical interests. We have a regular program of local events, mostly centered in the Vancouver area, although we have had meetings elsewhere in BC on occasion.

If you are an SAE member, but did not receive this e-mail directly, you may have opted out of SAE e-mails.  Please log into, and under mySAE, Account Profile, Communication Preferences, please ensure the following item is checked:

For non-members, you can now subscribe to the newsletters at this link:

Most events will be held virtually this year so you can join remotely. Below is a list of the upcoming events for this season. Please mark your calendars! Events are typically held on Mondays unless stated otherwise. Please note that the Board Meetings are open to anyone. Please let one of the board members know if you are interested in attending and/or getting involved!

A reminder to Professional Engineering members that attending SAE events contributes to their Continued Professional Development (CPD) as outlined by Engineers and Geoscientists of BC.
October 18, 2021  Student Night
November 8, 2021  Board Meeting
November 22, 2021  Hybrid and Electric
December 6, 2021  Board Meeting
December 13, 2021  Fueling Our Future
January 10, 2022  Board Meeting
January 17, 2022  Hydrogen Vehicle Fire Safety
February 7, 2022  Board Meeting
February, 2022  Tech event TBA
March 7, 2022  Board Meeting
March, 2022  Tech event TBA
April 4, 2022  Board Meeting
April, 2022  Tech event TBA
April, 2022  Student Highlight event TBA
May 2, 2022  Board Meeting
A society dedicated to supporting mentorship, career growth and networking for our members and the local mobility industries in BC.

To be the primary resource for events, networking, and career support for mobility engineers and industry in BC.
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