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Student Night

This year's pandemic-interrupted engineering design competition season provided opportunities for the student teams to claw their way up the results charts, with virtual design review and competitive sessions.  See what the students were up to and how they've achieved some impressive outcomes by joining us for our annual Student Night kick-off event, October 18, 6:00 PM:

This will be an online virtual event as we too are still impacted by the pandemic restrictions.  These presentations will count towards our annual sponsorship competition events, where SAE BC selects a few winning teams for cash prizes to support their projects.

Further below are some write-ups by some student teams, to give you a taste of what to expect at this event.

Have Your Say

SAE BC would like to get your input on upcoming events.  Please fill out this survey for the speakers and topics you would like to see this meetings season:

If you recall last year, we had great success hosting speakers with topics like lightweight design, vehicle assembly manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, race car history, and Lyft's Mirai ride sharing.  We'd love for you to be part of this year's speaker selection success as well.

Our Last Event, Lyft Toyota Mirai event

Written by Colin Keddie

On May 19th, SAE BC held our final event until next fall, a co-hosted event with SAE Alberta.  The event featured excellent speakers Mitchell Foreman (Director at Toyota Canada), Gerhard Schmidt (VP of Engineering at HTEC) and Peter Lukomskyj (GM at Lyft).  The discussions surrounded Toyota's new fleet of Hydrogen Fuel-Cell-powered Mirai vehicles, and their clever partnership with Lyft to provide these vehicles for working use by select Lyft drivers.  The new zero-emission Toyota Mirai vehicle configuration, including fuel cell powertrain and hydrogen storage tank, along with hydrogen-fueling and safety considerations were carefully reviewed, followed by a Q&A session from our largest audience this year.

We'd like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in this exciting event, especially our speakers who donated their time and efforts to support our cause.
The future is closer than you think.


‘Secretary, and Vice Chair’

SAE BC has two open Board positions. Please inquire if you are interested in getting involved. Supporting SAE BC looks good on one’s resume as volunteer work for the community.

Position: Secretary
Description: We are looking for someone who can attend each board meeting and using a laptop, record the meeting minutes along with action items as discussed. This is an important position and requires someone who can listen/understand/interpret and type/format documentation all at the same time. The position provides a significant amount of power to the person responsible, as they can influence the action item details and overall direction of the SAE BC Chapter.

Position: Vice Chair
Description: A Vice chair is needed to help support SAE BC in general by attending local chapter meetings and helping to drive action items. The vice-chair may lead meetings when the chair is unavailable, and support the board as required. New ideas are always welcome.  Supporting SAE BC also looks good on one’s resume as volunteer work for the community.
SAE BC offered the winning student teams from last year's SAE BC Student Sponsorship Competition some newsletter space to promote exposure to our membership.  What follows are their submissions for this newsletter content.
Renders of Wailord and Mantine, UBC AeroDesign’s 2021 competition aircraft
Despite a distanced design cycle with members living on opposite sides of the world, all of us at UBC AeroDesign are proud to showcase our amazing feats in the 2021 SAE Aero Design Knowledge Event. Earlier this year, our Regular and Advanced Class teams designed two fixed-winged aircraft in addition to submitting technical design reports and presentations for each.
Our Regular Class team, in accordance with the design constraints prescribed by the 2021 SAE Aero Design competition, successfully submitted our competition plane design, Wailord. The chosen key features include a cylindrical fuselage configuration with a conventional tail and tricycle landing gear arrangement. Technical specifications for Wailord include
  • 119 inch (3.02 m) wingspan,
  • 35.3 lbs (16.0 kg) maximum takeoff weight, and
  • 15.3 lbs (6.94 kg) empty weight.
Similarly, our Advanced Class team submitted the aircraft design Mantine in addition to the flying-wing autonomous glider, Remoraid. The main features of Mantine being a blended wing-fuselage configuration as well as a twin-tail boom and taildragger landing gear. As a result of a rigorous design process, Mantine was designed to transport 3.50 L of water to 14 habitats, in addition to three gliders, all released in-flight. Technical specifications for Mantine include
  • 131 inch (3.33 m) wingspan,
  • 29.3 lbs (13.3 kg) maximum takeoff weight, and
  • 15.0 lbs (6.80 kg) empty weight.
Although we were never able to physically manufacture and test our aircrafts, the submission of our design and technical presentation earned us an outstanding first place design and fifth place presentation in Regular Class. In addition, our Advanced Class placed ninth and second in our plane design and presentation respectively. We were exceptionally pleased by these results, fueling our passion and desire to uphold our team’s constant high standings.
 In Partnership With 

Season Overview
Formula UBC Racing is an engineering design team based out of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus. The team of 50 students works together to design, build, and race a formula-style race car at the Formula SAE competition.

2020/21 was a tough but successful season for Formula UBC. Despite the challenges we faced, we persevered through the pandemic and competed in the virtual SAE Design event against other top North American teams. After an extended period online, the provincial health orders were relaxed and we returned to driving and testing the vehicle in person.
Materials lead Freya with CFRP bodywork

In March of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team shifted all operations online.  We continued with our usual design projects, keeping members engaged and productive through presentations, chat sessions and group discussions. For certain projects that required physical work, team leads arranged for supplies to be delivered to members' houses so they could complete the work from home. In particular, this allowed us to continue developing the electrical system and manufacturing bodywork. We remained working in this manner throughout 2020 and 2021 up until our FSAE competition. With the design competition being held entirely online, members could not attend in person, but were still able to present to industry professionals and FSAE alumni. Due to the overlapping schedules of the FSAE design event and UBC’s exam schedule, some members were showcasing their work on the day of their final exams! Despite all these hardships, out of 125 teams we finished 9th in the design competition and 19th overall, making it our best performance in recent history.

Soon after competition, we were finally allowed back into our UBC shop, and work resumed building and testing our 2020 vehicle. Over the summer we organized three test days which allowed us to test our designs, expose issues, give new drivers seat time, and set goals for the upcoming season.
Chief driver and engine lead Can supervising new drivers

The future is looking very bright for Formula UBC. We continue to design and manufacture our car with our sights set on improving our performance even further at the 2022 Michigan Competition.

SAE British Columbia

The BC Section of SAE International is now in its 74th year, since being officially designated as the SAE British Columbia Group on June 12, 1946. The Section has about 250 regular members with additional student members at UBC, UVic, SFU and BCIT.

The majority of our Members live and work in the Lower Mainland, and represent a wide spectrum of technical interests. We have a regular program of local events, mostly centered in the Vancouver area, although we have had meetings elsewhere in BC on occasion.

If you are an SAE member, but did not receive this e-mail directly, you may have opted out of SAE e-mails.  Please log into, and under mySAE, Account Profile, Communication Preferences, please ensure the following item is checked:

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Most events will be held virtually this year so you can join remotely. Below is a list of the upcoming events for this season. Please mark your calendars! Events are typically held on Mondays unless stated otherwise. Please note that the Board Meetings are open to anyone. Please let one of the board members know if you are interested in attending and/or getting involved!

A reminder to Professional Engineering members that attending SAE events contributes to their Continued Professional Development (CPD) as outlined by Engineers and Geoscientists of BC.
October 18, 2021  Student Night
November 8, 2021  Board Meeting
November, 2021  Tech event TBA
December 6, 2021  Board Meeting
January 10, 2022  Board Meeting
January, 2022  Tech event TBA
February 7, 2022  Board Meeting
February, 2022  Tech event TBA
March 7, 2022  Board Meeting
March, 2022  Tech event TBA
April 4, 2022  Board Meeting
April, 2022  Tech event TBA
April, 2022  Student Highlight event TBA
May 2, 2022  Board Meeting
A society dedicated to supporting mentorship, career growth and networking for our members and the local mobility industries in BC.

To be the #1 resource for events, networking, and career support for mobility Engineers and the Industry in BC.
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