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Beer, Bowties, and Bibliophily - 3/2/2018

Welcome to the first installment of my new newsletter. This will be a twice-monthly update on what I’m doing around the internet, what I’ve found that’s cool, and my favorite beer. Follow along with me and I hope you find it interesting. Future installments will only go to the dedicated BB&B mailing list.

What I’m watching, reading, listening to.

There's a podcast I listen to (The Fear of God , a podcast by two Christians about the horror genre) and they begin every show with exactly this. It’s a cool way to give a shout out to things you enjoy. So, I’m stealing it.


I know a lot of writers. Occupational hazard, I guess. I don’t read everything my friends and colleagues write. My to be read list would be out of the stratosphere if I did that. It nearly is. But there’s a writer I’ve gotten to know through social media whose works I’m following. Tim Niederriter has an interesting style and The Mangrove Suite has my interest. It’s a slow burn, for sure. If I had to stick a pin in who this story reminds me of style wise, I’d say it’s got the same feel as Philip K. Dick or China Miéville in the sense that everything is a bit strange and yet a bit familiar. It’s very inventive fiction and I love the exploration of identity and memory.


I’ve invested in a subscription to Comixology. I used to be a voracious comic book reader, but the cost stopped me. Now I can pay a few bucks a month and a large chunk of their catalog is open to me. Right now I’m reading Elephantmen a dystopian future where human-animal hybrids made for war are striving to find a life of peace amidst the world of man. The whole thing has a very noir feel to it. It also reminds me more than a little of some role-playing games I participated in in college. Anthropomorphized animals (not just elephants as the title would suggest) are an excellent tool for asking what it means to be human in a world where our genetic code is more suggestion than destiny.



I love podcasts and music. In this section, I’ll talk about a bit of both. I’ve been a fan of Creepy for quite some time. I’ll never not talk about it. The genre of most of the stories there is called “Creepypasta” which is largely first-person urban legend sort of horror. It’s very much episodic, though there are a few recurring storylines and themes. Abandoned Disney plays a big role as does Slenderman. Most episodes are short and sweet.
I went to a convention this past weekend and discovered a new band I think will be owning my playlist for a while. Called The Vailix, they're a very guitar driven hard rock band from VA. Much of their music appears to draw upon a story world created by one of their guitarists. I’ve yet to dip my toe into the comics or card game, but when I do expect to see it here.  

What I’m Writing

I’ve been working on a number of projects because that’s how I do. I’ve got three things that are taking up most of my time. This week I’ll chat a bit about Steeped in Danger. I’ve long wanted to write a story where the main protagonist wasn’t your average hero. I love the idea of a person who is so out of their depth that every moment feels like they’re going to drown, but they refuse to give up. Sammy is very much that person. She’ll find all sorts of hidden strengths and abilities throughout her trials..This is also one of those stories which has fantastic elements but is grounded in reality. I hope the reader will ask themselves throughout what’s real and what’s just a character’s belief.  

Beer of the Moment

If you know me, you know I love craft beer. Working at a growler fill shop, I get to taste a whole bunch of excellent products. The beer I’m most in love with has to be Merry World Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout by Wise Man. I had the pleasure of having it at The Beer Growler and it has the perfect amount of booze and chocolate.

Bowties Are Cool!

I love bowties. I wear them to work every day. Here, I'll share my own favorite recent bowtie picture from Instagram, 


Patreon status update

This past month I put up three episode of various storylines I’m publishing serially at There’s plenty over there for you to enjoy. The bulk of what I’m writing for it involves Steeped in Danger as I talked about above. This month I plan on getting back into the entry a week groove for both that and a dieselpunk serial.

Where I'm At!

I've been doing a lot of writing lately for other venues. You can find some non-fiction over at the Superficial Gallery.  I also had a podcast episode go live at The Meltingpot Podcast.
That’s all for this entry. I hope you enjoy this. While I posted this to my main mailing list, future ones will just go out to a dedicated mailing list you can join here. I won't sell, giveaway, or share your email and I won’t waste your time. 
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