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Lots of News!

A new book, the relaunch of a podcast, and a new venue...

It's been a crazy busy couple of months. Between my continued presence on Dead Robots' Society, writing content for Patreon, and editing Ginnie Dare: Blockade Runner, I've been a busy little writer. I'm also appearing on two podcasts over the next two weeks, and I'm prepping for Balticon. Crazy, crazy, crazy...

First off, I have a new e-book available. Since you're on my mailing list, you get it dirt cheap. Go hear and enter the code MailChimp for a 70% off coupon. That takes it from $3.49 to a little over $1. Both the mobi and the e-pub are available, so no matter which reader you have it'll work. What its it?

This book contains two complete cases from the adventures of occult consulting detective Esho St. Claire

The Gibbering Mr. Cravat

A rich man's son isn't Detective Esho St. Claire's usual sort of client. Bearing a hideous curse, Mr. Cravat begs him to find a way to discover its cause and reverse it if he can. The case will take him from the homes of Manhattan’s wealthy to the Undercity, where creatures of legend live.

The Elder Gods are using the money and power flowing through the upper echelon of society to stage a comeback, and poor Mr. Cravat is just the first victim. Esho and a whiskey fueled strongman named Sean Younger must stop their priesthood before the invasion is complete.

The Current Killer

Detective Esho St. Claire now has a ghost for client. Speaking through Nikola Tesla's ether recording machine, a man wants St. Claire to prove that Thomas Edison is guilty of his murder. The detective never thought that a case would have him dodging death rays, but nothing about this one is typical.

When he discovers magic is being tapped to make a super weapon, Detective St. Claire realizes that this job is even less straight-forward than he had thought. St. Claire and Tesla have to stop the techno-magical nightmare before it rips open the fabric of reality.

The other sizable piece of news is that I'll be relaunching my podcast. I've got three episodes worth of stories recorded, thanks to some awesome fellow podcasters. I've also got what I think is a sweet new logo thanks to John McCarthy. Go on over to to see what I already have available and stay tuned for more!

New venue for reading short stories!

I dropped a blog post today that talked about a new place to find and read new authors' short stories. QuarterReads works sort of like a short fiction arcade. You buy $5 worth of quarter tokens, and for each story you want to read you drop a virtual coin in the slot. If you want to pay more you can. Their word count limit is 2K, and I think that's worth two bits, don't you? The stories are "lightly curated" so in theory another human, with an interest in quality, has gazed upon them and approved. And best of all the author gets 88% of the token, only in money. Go check it out!

That's it for this go around! Thanks for your support.

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