September 2020


On September 19th Works-in-Progress will be transforming Mount Pleasant/Davisville front yards into back-to-school clothing swap stores.  Spread out over a few blocks the sale will be united by a map so swappers can easily find the yard offering the size they are looking for.  Visually, host yards will be decorated with beautiful  signs, bunting and children's clothing.  Works-in-Progress will provide our famous up-cycled t-shirt bags for people to bring home their spoils (see photo below) It is $5 to fill a bag (or best offer) and the money goes to cover costs for the swap. Swap poster created by local Works-in-Progress artist Treya Beaulieu

If you live in the area and are interested in hosting, volunteering or donating gently used (and clean!) children's clothing, please reach out to us at or (even better) fill out the form at this link. Of course, you are welcome just to drop by as well.

(Rain date September 20th.)

Please feel free to pass on this email newsletter if you know friends or neighbours who may be interested in participating. The more the merrier.

Thank you to local churches for support (Manor Road United Church and Church of the Transfiguration), and to Davisville PS school council, Trustee Shelley Laskin and Councillor Josh Matlow for sharing news of this event with constituents.

We are aiming for a joyful, safe and purposeful community event, as easy as possible. WE NEED HOSTS! And Swap shoppers! We ask you to fill out the form below (or on our website) if you are interested in participating in any way.  This helps us with planning, but you can also just show up on the day and participate. Read on for Details, links and FAQ below.
 In this newsletter:
  • Back to School Swap: links to Works-in-Progress WEBSITE, volunteer sign up FORM and swap site MAP (updated daily)
  • Back to School Swap: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Funding update
  • Dates to remember
  • Links
Despite our best efforts, children continue to outgrow their clothes.  Please check out the map below (more sites closer to the swap date)

Yards will be hosting one size per yard so start sorting out your gently loved outgrown clothes  to pass on, and look for some new-to-you clothes the next size up.  ** please note, you do not need to have a yard to host! OR you can offer your yard even if you can't be present. We are matching wannabe yardless hosts with yards.**
Please come out to celebrate with the community, and help give old clothes a new home.

links to: Works-in-Progress WEBSITE, volunteer SIGN UP FORM and MAP below

CLICK HERE to go to our website (Map and form also here)
Volunteers/ Donors/Hosts SIGN UP HERE
to see our Swap "Shops" map (updated daily) CLICK HERE

SWAP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


The goals of a children's clothing swap are to reduce textile waste -- save money -- do something useful in the neighbourhood.

Here's how it works --

If you want to host a swap site -- Sign up. If you have a yard or driveway, you can even host a swap without running it on the day. If you don't have a yard or driveway, you can still run a site.

Day before the swap (or morning of) -- Bring outgrown/surplus clothes to the swap sites -- clean clothes, sorted by size, in good shape, children's sizes up to men/women's small (equivalent to boys/girls 14-16)

On swap day -- Tour the swap sites -- pick up clothes that are new-to-you -- chat with neighbours on a nice fall day

We ask everyone wear masks while shopping. Bags and clothes will be laid out and there is no need to be close. Use hand sanitizer before and after handling clothes and wash everything you bring home.

After the swap -- If you are a host, collect any remaining clothes into a box or bag -- WIP will take them away for you.

Q. Does it cost money?
We are selling bags to support the cost of the swap for $5 or best offer (including free). You then fill up the bag with clothes wherever you shop. No individual prices, and the object is to find new homes for ALL the clothes, so don't be shy. You can also bring your own bags to fill if you prefer.

Q. Can we donate adult clothes?
No. Only children's clothes, up to men/women's small (equivalent to boys/girls 14-16)

Q. Can we donate games/books/ household items
No. However, if you are hosting you can chose to put out games etc. to give away, but you must keep anything that does not get taken.

Q. Can we donate other textiles like we do for Bag2School drives?
No. This one is just for families to give to other families (so wearable clothes in good condition only).

Q. I live in an apartment- can I still host?
Yes. You can partner with someone with a yard, we can help to connect you.

Q. I live outside the neighbourhood- can I still host?
Yes. You can partner with someone with a yard, we can help to connect you.

Q. I have a driveway/yard and would like to help, but I don't want to run the swap- can you use the driveway without me?
Yes. We have parents willing to run the swap on the day who do not have a yard themselves.

Q. What are the safety protocols?
We ask everyone to wear masks while shopping. Bags and clothes will be laid out and there is no need to be close. Use hand sanitizer before and after handling clothes.

Q. What are benefits/responsibilities of hosts?
Benefits: People bring you donations of clothes in your child's size and you have first dibs on choosing what you want. Fun to see people and good karma.
Responsibilities: Need to set up and maintain site from 10am-3pm on swap day. Works-in-Progress will bring signs, bags, maps and support if you need a break. Bring hand sanitizer for yourself and shoppers.

Q. What are benefits /responsibilities of yard hosts?
Benefits: Mostly good karma, helping the earth, that sort of thing. Raising neighbourhood up.
Responsibilities: If possible, collect donated clothes on porch or covered area the night before, WIP volunteers will collect after the swap, either that night or on Sunday.

Q. Why are you organizing a swap?
With a little bit of work we can all benefit greatly from both finding a new home for our old items and by giving old items a new home.  We avoid waste and enrich ourselves, and it costs nothing but some time and effort.

Q: Why is Works-in-Progress organizing this swap?
We are an eco-art collective, which means some members are inspired to make things from waste (up-cycle) and all of us want to reduce waste and save money by sharing rather than throwing these clothes out and buying new ones.

Q: What's the difference between this and a regular neighbourhood yard sale?
Each yard will have only one type of item (children's clothes in one size) and nothing is for sale

Q: How do I donate?
Drop off (clean, sorted, and labelled) clothes at the host house the night before or the morning of the swap. If you cannot drop donations off on these days and must do so earlier in the week, please contact

Q: How do I sign up to host/offer my driveway?
 Sign up using this form here: (Link), or email us at:

Q: Where will my kid's sizes be located?
Check the map! It will be continue to be updated over the week as people continue to sign up to host. Each size will only be at one or two sites. We will have paper copies of the map at the yards. 
Q: What area are the swaps in?
The swaps are on either side of June Rowlands Park (Mt. Pleasant and Davisville). The first is between Mt. Pleasant and Forman Ave. on both Balliol st. and Davisville ave. The second is between Davisville and Mannor rd, and Mt.Pleasant and Young.

Q: How long does it talk to walk? Or do we have to drive?
All places are walking distance. If you do drive, there is street parking most areas, and is all walking distance from Davisville station on the TTC. 

Q: Is there a rain date?
Yes, Sunday, September 20 (The next day), but we really hope it does not rain. Yard Hosts will keep their clothes on their porches or in covered areas, if this is not possible contact WIP at
Q:  How do I find the swaps?
Check the map! It will be continue to be updated online over the week as people continue to sign up to host. Each size will only be at one or two sites. We will have paper copies at the yards. 
Q: Will all the swap locations have multiple sizes?
No, each site will only have one size, from multiple donors. More selection of the size you want.
Q. What do you do with anything leftover?
Works-in-Progress volunteers will collect leftovers after the swap or the next day. We will either use donations for art projects, donate them or keep for future swap events. Nothing will be thrown away.

ANY MORE QUESTIONS? please contact us: and we will get back to you within the day.


Dates to Remember

Coming up :
  • Collaboration with educators to create creative up-cycling kits (funded by the Ontario Arts Council)
  • September 19/20 Back to school Clothing Swap in midtown Toronto
  • We were shortlisted for a Waste Reduction Community Grant, which is an honour but right now means filling out another grant application.  We will be submitting our full application by Sept 28th
  • September online workshop with Building Roots (date TBD)
  • October 24 online workshop with new eco community partners via the Textile Museum


Works-in-Progress website
Swap sites online map
the swap map
Sign up form (all sorts of volunteers: hosts, donors, clean up)
volunteer sign up form
City of Toronto grants
Waste Reduction Community Grant

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