I woke up this morning thinking of all of you who have signed up for these newsletters.

I imagine each one of you has some notion that we need to do our politics (and therefore our lives) in some new and improved way.

As I write this, the election results are not yet clear. 

One thing that IS clear, at least to me, is that our country is split at the ballots 50/50 along party lines. Unfortunately, this provides no statistics about the nuanced amongst us, the exhausted majority, who are truly more Purple in nature than Red or Blue.

It seems to me that there is some good news about this, whoever wins as President.

It means that no one side can become complacent about their side winning. We are still forced (in a positive sense) to work together.

My hope is that 2024 sees some new choices ~ more nuanced candidates who exhibit a spirit of cooperation and bridging divides by really seeing what all perspectives have to offer of value to better solve our problems, sustainably.

I would like to offer a message of hope and inspiration today.

Here are some things you can do:

Look at ways you polarize. Catch yourselves in the act.
No matter who wins, we need to create a new citizenry by re-humanizing one another.
* Do you spread hatred and divisiveness when you speak with others or share on social media?
* Do you generalize about and stereotype those who you identify as a "them" in the "Us vs Them" war?
* Do you dehumanize others, as individuals or groups?

Nudge yourself towards nuance.
Manually override your tendency towards black and white thinking.

We are all in this together.
Ask yourself: what part am I going to play in creating a new way forward?

With warm regards,
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