The group More in Common did a study last year called The Perception Gap.

They've created a brief quiz to see how well you gage the other party. You register as a Democrat, Republican or Independent. It's more fun if you register as an Independent because you get to take the quiz from both sides ~ enabling you to see how well (or not) you perceive your own side too.

You may be asking: Why does this matter?

In the words of the study:

Because when Democrats and Republicans believe their opponents hold extreme views, they become more threatened by each other. They start seeing each other as enemies, and start believing they need to win at all costs. 

Each of us can play a role in bridging the Perception Gap. We can choose a wider range of news sources to better understand different perspectives. We can refuse to be manipulated into outrage by reducing our exposure to social media feeds that amplify the views of the partisan Wings, rather than the Exhausted Majority. And finally, we can seek to build connections with people who think differently from us. Directly engaging with people whose experiences and views differ from our own makes it harder for us to see them as the enemy.

Take the quiz and let me know what you find out.

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