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At long last...

Last night after the Ward 6 debate, an interested voter came up to me and said: "I signed up for your newsletter and I haven't received anything, and you haven't come by my house!" I must admit--as a former marketing executive, I was gobsmacked. Normally, people want to be taken off lists or they say that too many newsletters are clogging up their inboxes!

I immediately realized that people signed up because they want to hear from me. So I was glad to have the reminder. And to the voter who approached me: I'm walking my way around the city, and hope to make it to your street soon. If you'd like me to stop by sooner, let me know your address!

I'd like to invite you all to meet me and discuss the issues that matter to you. All residents must have a seat at the table at City Hall, and I'd like to represent your voices. My next Meet and Greet is on Thursday, October 24th, 7:30 - 9:00 at 233 Grant Avenue in Newton Centre

There are issues that are important to me and the three main ones are outlined below:
  1. Environment: Limiting Newton’s Carbon Footprint and Protecting our Parks and Green Spaces for Future Generations. We need to adopt zero-carbon policies before it is too late. That means requiring special permit developments to be solar-ready and to meet the passive house standard. It means stopping the proposed zoning amendments that would re-write our ordinances to allow developers to construct multi-unit residential developments throughout the City without meeting these environmental standards — and in many cases, without any review by the City Council. Local review is essential to making sure development projects are consistent with environmental sustainability and our quality of life. We cannot afford to allow more massive projects that add embedded carbon, burn fossil fuels to heat and cool, exacerbate existing traffic problems generating air pollution, and sacrifice open space. We must also protect our parks. For example, I will work to find a senior center location that does not result in the loss of 2.5 acres of parkland, as is currently proposed.
  2. Maintaining the Excellence of the Newton Public Schools: Great public schools are at the core of what makes Newton a wonderful place to live. We must put an end to unsustainable development practices that, unchecked, would lead to overcrowded classrooms and would undermine our commercial tax base by allowing large-scale residential development in commercial districts. We need a healthy commercial tax base to pay for great schools and other important city services. I will not jeopardize Newton’s commercial tax base and fiscal sustainability with a reckless rush to allow large-scale residential development throughout Newton.
  3. Accountable, Responsive Local Representation: I understand the importance of accountable, responsive local representation. I will listen to all views and will not put my own opinions ahead of constituent concerns or the facts. From battling the epidemic of youth vaping to developing affordable and low-income housing to improving Newton’s walkability through sidewalk repair and snow clearing, I will be there when you need me.

If you'd like to host a yard sign please let me know and my team will get it delivered to you.
To find out more or to get involved please visit or call, text, or email me at (617) 213-0825, or and please vote for me on November 5. Thank you!

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