September 2015
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News & Events

September Event: Tour of The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park
When: Tuesday, September 1st 2015, 6:00pm

October Event: MGANM Board Meeting
When: Tuesday, October 6th 2015, 6:00pm

*Special October Event: Installing the green roof on our project at the Grand Traverse Conservation District/Boardman River Nature Center. Keep an eye out for photos and details as we progress (including our FB page). Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. We are still in need of sponsorship, so spread the word!

Check our website for further details on all of these events

Additionally, check out Plant It Wild's page for their upcoming educational events: September 16 "Identifying Native Trees and Shrubs" and September 19 "Identifying Native Trees and Shrubs Field Trip"


by Karen Schmidt,  Botanic Garden Board Chair, ARS Consulting Rosarian and Cherry Capital Rose Society Member
The gorgeous rose is a prize for a successful gardener and we all know how hard they can be to grow.  But WAIT!  Roses may be easier to cultivate than they used to be.  Read HERE about research and testing on rose varieties making growing them successfully easier.

All about Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc.
Terry Harding, Master Gardener
Garden Clubs are popular social groups and ways to get-to-know women (mostly) in your area.  For those who would like to know how the National Garden Club, the Michigan Garden Clubs and your local garden club fit together, read HERE, as Terry explains it all.

Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City:  Summer Garden Walk July 16, 2015
By Becky Smits, Master Gardener in Training
Want to be inspired?  Looking for an outing on a beautiful summer day?  Join Becky HERE as she reviews the Summer Garden Walk in Traverse City.

Charlevoix Area Garden Club, Garden Tour,  July 15, 2015
by Cheryl Gross with garden descriptions provided by CAGC
The Charlevoix Area Club, Garden Tour has it all!  Flowers, organic vegetables, whimsey, big gardens, rose gardens, small gardens, flower arranging and lunch!  Click HERE to read about a wonderful tour.

Periwinkle Garden Club, Frankfort Garden Tour
by Susie Anderson, Periwinkle Garden Club President and Garden Tour Chair

The Periwinkle Garden Club tackled their first Garden Tour in 2015.  It was truly a garden ‘walk’ with all but one garden in-town Frankfort.  The gardens were formal, informal and whimsical!  Read about the wonderful day HERE.

Preserving: Pickling, Canning, Dehydrating.

By Britt Uecker, Horticulturist and Garden Educator at Grow Benzie
As a Garden Educator at Grow Benzie, Britt Uecker doesn’t wait till fall harvest to begin her food preservation.  She knows how to ‘eat local’ throughout the year preserving food as it becomes available.  Read HERE to plan your ‘preservation’.

Nancy, Nancy, Just How Fancy, Does Your Garden Grow?
By Nancy Denison, Master Gardener
Nancy reports on her success, failures, and corrections in vegetable gardening in Traverse City over the years.  Looking for some vegetable gardening tricks, tips and how-to’s?  Read all about it HERE.

The Dream of the Crop
By Jamie Gothard, MG in Training
It is an old, old gardener’s tale.  So eager and energetic in the spring to fill the blank slate of the garden with seeds and seedlings only to be overwhelmed by August!  What to do when our vegetable garden ‘exceeds expectations’?  Give them to kind neighbors?  Leave them on back porches in the dark?  OR, as you can read HERE, preserve them for later in the season



Make sure you take photos of your Master Gardener Volunteer Projects and send them to us. We love to show off your work!



All Hail the Humble Hazelnut!  
By Rebecca Carmien, Master Gardener in Training
Hazelnuts are used to flavor coffee and in desserts.  Otherwise, do we think that much about Hazelnuts or the Hazel plants that produce them?  Read HERE to discover a whole new world of Hazels and their benefits.  Got room in your yard for three?


Master Gardener Volunteer Project:  The Real Dirt
By Cheryl Gross, Advanced Master Gardener, Real Dirt Chair
Many Master Gardener Volunteer projects involve getting dirty...from flower gardening to vegetable gardening to composting you can tell a gardener by the dirt under the fingernails or on the knees.  This month read HERE about a ‘clean’ volunteering project that serves a large and diverse community!
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