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This Lunascope helps us to navigate the Full and New Moon waves so that we make the most of the Moon's energy. When we start living within the natural rhythm and flow of Nature we find life becomes more peaceful and harmonious. The Moon and Planets help us to find this natural flow and bring us back into alignment with the Earth and all living things.

Dear Lunascopers

It's the Lunascope's tenth birthday and it's been a journey! I sent the first ever Lunascope out on the Gemini full moon 2006, never believing that I would be still writing it so many years later, and that I have never missed a moon despite my often busy and travelling lifestyle. 

It's as if the moon herself is guiding me, creating the space and time to write them. The wisdom pours out of me, as if she is writing it through me. It is because of this magic that I don't promote the Lunascope or charge for it, as I don't want to lose it's magic.

It all started when I joined a new moon women's group started by a dear friend in 2005. I was going through a difficult and challenging time and looked forward to these circles, to journey with the moon and hear her messages. I started to feel a deep affinity with the moon cycles and began sharing my experiences and how I felt much more in flow with life, the universe, and everything. People asked me where they could find this information and so the Lunascope was seeded.

Thank you to all those who have been faithful followers of this Lunascope it has been an amazing journey and a great honour to share the Moon's magic and messages, and help you to surf these cycles and flow more effortlessly with life.
Wishing you all a fun, happy and celebratory full moon ride.

In Love and Gratitude
Rebekah Shaman 
The Gemini full moon is light and airy, and perfect timing to get us excited for the festive season.  We can utilise the energy that has gained momentum since the Sagittarius new moon to finish up projects and complete creative commitments and projects, particularly written ones.

This moon is not without its emotional ups and downs, so to combat any negative feelings or frustrations, focus your energy on a step by step approach without being too attached to outcomes.  You may find a twist or unexpected change happen. The key word here is flexibility and receptivity. The more flexible and open we are to the opportunities that open up when a door closes, the easier it will be to surf this wave.

Here are my 7 top tips to successfully surfing this Gemini Full Moon wave!

Pollinate your Ideas
The last new moon gave us the push to discover new horizons, and increase our comfort zone, now is the time to stop hiding who you really are, and step out of the shadows. A Gemini full moon is a great moon to spread your ideas, dreams and visions. Ruled by Mercury, the Planet of communication, we are inspired to socialise and share what is in our hearts, especially if you have been feeling vulnerable and shy. We can feel more intelligent over this moon, and can attract all the right people and things we need for our projects and creative endeavours. When we pollinate our dreams and visions with others it can build energy and momentum and help root our ideas into this three dimensional reality.

Let go of Old/Stale Energy
This Gemini full moon shakes up the energy with it's passion, natural need to socialise and share yourself with others. It's also been a big year of inner change and for many a more conscious way of looking at life. As we wake up and evolve more consciously, we have to leave friends behind who are not willing to see us as we are, but as they want us to be. If you have been feeling isolated, or misunderstood by your friends it's a sure sign that life is telling you to let go and move on.

Find your Tribe 
Let this social, communicative Gemini full moon inspire you to go out and find your tribe. We all need to feel that we belong, and it can be very painful to be around people that no longer 'get you.' If you are in this place, don't blame those friends that may now seem shallow and boring, they haven't changed - you have. Set your intention that you will find people that resonate with your new ideas and beliefs, be courageous and join a group that is more aligned to who you are becoming.

Stop Scratching the Mirror
Symbolised by the twins, Gemini reminds us that everyone is just a mirror for us, and this moon, more than most helps us to recognise that the behaviour we don't like in others is just a reflection of the behaviour that is in us. When we can see others in this perspective we are more able to forgive and stop blaming. Let this moon illuminate those hidden behaviour patterns that are not serving you by seeing them in the mirror of another.

Be Compassionate
The Gemini full moon illuminates a need to balance our need to impress and force our truth on others with understanding, love and gratitude. Our actions are like ripples in a pond that impact on those around us but also on the collective unconscious.  During this festive season, become mindful of your actions and how they might be impacting others. When we walk a mile in another's moccasins we can find a deeper understanding and feel compassion and love, rather than frustration and anger.

Connecting the Dots
Use this moon to connect the dots if 2016 has been a confusing one for you. It is often only in hindsight that we can see the path we have walked and all the synchronisities and magic that has led us to where we are now. Take some time out to do a review of the year, acknowledging and recognising all those choices you made and all the people who helped you on your way. When we do these reviews we get a clearer idea of why we are where we are, and the best way to move forward.

Time to Celebrate
It's been an intense year of change and this Gemini full Moon comes at the perfect time of the year for the festive season. This moon specifically refocuses our attention on socializing and reigniting our projects and dreams so hold on to your hats for an intense but exciting ride. It has been a turbulent for some, and many of us are still feeling the echo’s of the big changes that have been happening. However, it's all about perspective and now is the time to shake off any emotional heaviness, see all the blessings in our lives, and start enjoying ourselves.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from William Barclay:
"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why." 


This full moon is known as the 'Yew moon.'  The Yew tree is a sacred tree of power, revered by the Druids, and is considered the most noble of all trees because its is in a constant cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth. The Yew moon illuminates the darkest of nights, as we come to mid-winter and prayers and rituals during this moon extremely are potent. 

This full moon go out and honour the moon. Stand under the Moonlight and sink your (bare) feet into the earth, feeling rooted, strong and supported by the Earth. Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Exhale and release all your frustrations and stresses, breathing them right out of your body. Repeat this process three times or until you are feeling relaxed.  

Feel the pulsating red energy of Mother Earth entering up through the root chakra (at the base of your spine) and flow round your body. Now absorb the Moon's silvery rays into your body through the top of your head or crown chakra until you feel as if you are a conduit between the energies of the Moon and the Earth.
Release any pent up negative emotion that you have accumulated over this year, and have been holding onto, out through the soles of your feet as black sludge. Imagine it flowing deep down into the earth and being burnt up by the molten lava at the core so that all you can feel in your body is the loving energy of Mother Earth and the cosmos flowing through you, and the moon rays bathing you.

Send out your prayers, hopes and dreams to the cosmos with clarity, intention, and commitment. As you voice them feel your dreams happening already, becoming aware of the sensations you are feeling. If any negativity or doubt comes up, send them out through the soles of your feet. Once you are feeling fully connected to life, the universe and everything, and excited about the future send out a prayer of gratitude for everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. Really feel the gratitude flowing to open up to more abundance.

Go and do something different, challenging and sociable this Christmas. Use the sparkling Gemini energy to get out of your comfort zones so you can discover more of who you really are. Go to a party even if you don’t know anyone, or join a social group, a gym or a night class, and meet more like-minded people.
Share your joy and abundance with others. Volunteer at a shelter or do some service, especially if you have been feeling a bit low and depressed. When we serve others less fortunate then ourselves it can put our own problems back in perspective. 

Utilise this communicative, powerful and social Gemini full moon to go and find your tribe by jumping into the unknown and ending this year in celebration.

Read the story of how I found myself in the Amazon eighteen years ago and started the journey to become a plant medicine shaman.
I am happy to announce the first few ceremonies for 2017.
These ceremonies have brought so many powerful transformations and breakthroughs and it is my honour to serve this heart opening medicine and see the cacaoista tribe grow.
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January Cacao Sharemony - 21st January. 
Xenia, London.
A time for stillness after the holiday season and the post new year slump.
A chance to make or realign with our new year intentions and it's close enough to the full moon in Leo to let go of any old habits creeping back in and continue the year roaring.
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February Cacao Sharemony- 11th February.
Xenia, London.
Whether you are in love or out of love, cacao is the medicine which grounds us back into the heart space and takes us back to the self, removing blockages and allowing us to listen to our own guidance and wisdom.
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March Cacao Sharemony - 18th March.
Xenia, London.
Are you feeling like the proverbial spring lion or lamb, or closer to the mad march hatter?
Wherever you are, this pre equinox ceremony will give you the stillness to see where you need more balance in your life-
if you could be do with being fiercer, gentler, more grounded or in need of a dose of silliness you will have the space to listen to your heart.
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Shamanic New Moon Retreat

24th-26th February
Set in a beautiful retreat centre on the edge of the Oxfordshire border in Warwickshire, this Shamanic New Moon Retreat will introduce you to some Shamanic practices that you can take into your daily lives to empower you to release old patterns, open the heart and set the path for bringing in the new in a fun, loving and blissful way.
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Sacred Cacaoista Retreat

23-30th March, Ibiza
I am holding my first Sacred Cacaoista Apprenticeship on the magical isle of Ibiza. It will be a process of deep transformation, going within so you can clear the old blockages that are holding you back and learn how to commune with Cacao so you feel confident to hold your own ceremonies and be part of the spread of this heart opening medicine.
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At a crossroads? Unsure which path to take? Ready to let go of an old habit pattern, conditioning or addiction? Feeling stuck in the past? Shamanic Services can help you. 

I offer: 
Empowerment Readings, where the cards uncover what is hidden in your unconscious.
Shamanic Sessions where we dive deep into the unconscious to heal old traumas, addictions, and patterns of behavious.
Shamanic Mentoring for regular support and guidance to help you create the life you desire.

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“To say Rebekah has changed my life completely would be a serious understatement! I feel lighter in every way – emotionally, mentally and physically. I know where I am going and more importantly I am really enjoying my journey and my life. Every session I have had with her has been genuinely uplifting and I would not hesitate in recommending her – whatever challenges you find yourself facing at the moment will not be with you for long with her help!Thank you Rebekah!” Sandra Cookham, Interior Designer, UK

In 1998, while working in Peru, I was called by a Shaman in a vision that he had the answers to some of the questions I had about my existence and reason for why I am on the planet.  So I flew to the Amazon and found the Shaman nestled in a tiny village deep in the Amazon Jungle.  While living with him and his family I experienced first-hand that we are a part of, not apart from, Mother Earth and all life forms and Nature is a symbiotic partner for our survival.
I have also written a book, ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice,’ about my experiences in Peru that contains messages I received from my teacher Don Juanito and Ayahuasca. It’s available to buy at my website

I am very happy to share my Lunascope but if you do use any part of it please quote me and my website so people can subscribe. 
Thank you xxx

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