She took one look at me and exclaimed 'oh no!' 
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Hello Fran

It's me again, Sooty! 
Part 2 of my story...

Before I drifted away, a different human came across me. She looked worried; She said I needed help. She thought I was a stray! 

She bent down and picked me up. 

I was very scared, but it felt so good to have a warm, strong pair of arms around me again. And for the first time in a long time I felt like things might be OK.

The lady brought me to Raystede.

It turns out my owner did love me! He just couldn't look after me anymore - He had a disease called 'dementia' and he needs other people to take care of him now too. 

The team at Raystede took care of me; they gave me food and brushed my coat.

They told me I was safe. 

They put me in a warm bed with blankets and let me sleep. As the days passed I began to regain my strength.  

One day a kind lady came to see me in the cattery. She spent time with me. We cuddled together and she talked to me.

Then she said she was my 'new owner' and took me home. 

I felt so happy - I was loved and safe again!

I am looking forward to a wonderful life with my new human, and of course lots of cuddles and cat treats.

If it wasn't for Raystede, I don't know where I would be now... 
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