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Special News!

James Nesbit, Jacquie Tyre, and some members of Right Hand Reign will be traveling to Savannah and Brunswick prior to the State gatherings in north Atlanta

Tuesday, August 7 at 7:00 pm

Eagle Wings International Ministries

Ministerio Internacional Alas de Aguila
Pastors Daniel & Kimberly Santana

7210 Hwy 21
Port Wentworth, Georgia 31407
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Wednesday, August 8 at 7:00 pm
Christian Renewal
Pastor Bill Ligon
4265 Norwich Street Ext  
Brunswick, GA 31520

Metro-Atlanta State Gatherings
with James Nesbit

Thursday, August 9 at 7:00 pm

Bring your instruments, artist-tools, dance shoes, banners, pottery, whatever you use to express your worship to the Lord! 
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Friday, August 10 at 7:00 pm

Love Offering

Saturday, August 11,
9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Training Equipping & Activation 
Registration: $35, includes lunch 

Sunday, August 12, 6:00 pm
CityGate Atlanta Ekklesia Arising! 

Culmination Celebration of a power-packed week
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CityGate Atlanta

4200 Perimeter Park South
Suite 103
Chamblee, GA  30341

Releasing the Sounds of Heaven Across GA!

James Nesbit's insights

Our visit to Georgia is very strategic and is a release from the east coast, and the Governmental Gate of Georgia, a synergy of intercessions over our nation before we go to California in September to resound back across the nation from west to east to complete our assignments in biblical year 5772.

The Biblical Calendar began for us this year with the 51 Days of Fire (DC40) prayer initiative: 40 days praying in Washington DC and 11 days Philadelphia, 10/3/11 through 11/22/11. The power of the initiative was the union of all the states praying "As one” for those 51 days. Each state took a point man position in leading the states in praying for our nations capital through that state, and night after night via conference call each state passed the torch to another, beginning with the state of Hawaii and ending with the state of Delaware,. 

The university released a report that Chicago was the most corrupt city in the nation, and because Washington is now controlled by Chicago politics we felt compelled to go to Chicago and we spent 50 days praying in that gate. Georgia was represented very well in both DC an Chicago by "Right Hand Reign" I might add!

The Chicago 50 Assignment was to pray for all corruption in America through the most corrupt gate.  Two prayer networks, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network and the United States Reformation Prayer Network, worked seamlessly together as each state fasted and prayed concerning corruption beginning with Delaware on April 9 and ending with Hawaii on May 28 from Passover to Pentecost.

Now here we are coming to Georgia, if anyone has a preconceived idea of what these gatherings will look like discard them, because we don't know! We are coming to release the sounds of heaven, the synergy of intercessions of the year biblical year 5772 and move in the governmental power of the one song.

 We have entered into the "Era of His Presence" and the Latter Rain outpouring that will produce a Great Awakening that will never end until the return of the Lord. We are crossing over into the era of  Holy on earth as it is in heaven. The angels in heaven are singing holy, the redeemed on earth resound holy, and the two become one as the "two camps" dance together. That is the tsunami of light and revelation that is awakening multitudes and sweeping across the nation and nations!

Bless you, We are looking forward to being with our friends in the Governmental Gate next week.

James and the Prepare the way team.

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