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September 19, 2018

Golden-crowned sparrow, where are you going?

The golden-crowned sparrow (GCSP) migrates along the Pacific flyway, wintering in California.

Autumn Iverson is a wildlife ecologist and Ph.D. student in the Ecology program at UC Davis. She studies wildlife movement ecology, behavioral plasticity, and the impacts of environmental change.

Migration is one of the least understood phases of the life-cycle of these birds. During the winter of 2019, Autumn will put GPS tags on 10 birds in California, as part of a larger tagging project. The next year, she will go back to the same location to recapture the birds and collect the tags.

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Fungi samples sent off for sequencing

Danny Newman and Roo Vandegrift have wrapped up an experiment to identify the fungi of the Reserva Los Cedros, a 17,000 acre biological preserve right on the equator in the Ecaudorian Andes.

294 tissue samples of fungi, suspended in buffer-filled tubes, were sent off for sequencing. 

The collected data of the identified fungi now live on MycoMap, a website that enables the linking and visualizing of data from across a wide range of databases - MycoPortal and herbarium records, GenBank accessions, Mushroom Observer observations, BLAST results, and more.

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