Inside RDU in August; Rotary Basics is everything about Rotary that a new Rotarian or Prospective Rotarian needs. Have your say on Rotary Club meeting frequency; Digital Subscriptions - Join up now!; Read RDU on your mobile device; New Theme Gear; Photo Sales; Rotary Down Under tours to Dili, Hiroshima, Berlin and Hawaii.

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Celebrate Peace
in TimorLeste

Timor Leste Conference

Rotary Down Under is taking a tour of interested Rotarians to Timor L'este for the first District Conference ever held in that country. The District 9550 Conference will be conducted in Dili from May 4 to 6, 2013 and promises to be one of the most inspirational Rotary events of the year. District Governor Ian Lomas will welcome the RDU tour party, led by Editor Mark Wallace and District 9550 Past Governor Jeff Crofts, to this historic eventClick here to contact Gay Kiddle or Samantha Ausburn at Rotary Down Under by email for more information. We've already taken more than 30 expressions of interest, so be quick, because places will go fast.

Meeting Frequency:
Have your say

Most Rotary Clubs meet every week, in accordance with the Rotayr International Manual of Procedure. With occupations and life's other commitments encroaching ever further into our daily lives, is a weekly meeting too much to ask of the average Rotarian or the prospective Rotarian? Have your say in the latest of our Rotary Down Under reader polls. We'll publish the results in the September edition of the magazine.
Click here to participate.

Ron Burton in Sydney

RDU Photo Sales
Rotary International President Elect Ron Burton made a whirlwind visit to Australia, taking in the Rotary Success Conference in Canberra, the Director's Briefing Weekend in Sydney and met with officials planning the 2014 Rotary International Convention in between.
Rotary Down Under was there taking pictures, and those pictures are now on sale at our Rotary Down Under Photographic Sales website. You can order online and download high-resolution photographs straight to your desktop.
And you won't believe the prices!
Rotary Down Under has photographers at Rotary International Conventions, Zone Institutes, District Conferences and plenty of other Rotary events.
You can now buy those photos, and half the proceeds will go to worthy Rotary causes such as The Rotary Foundation's End Polio Now! campaign or Australian Rotary Health.
Recently we've been at the Rotary Zones 7B & 8 Combined Institute in Brisbane, at the Australian Rotary Health Christmas dinner, and the Dream Cricket day in Bowral. We also have galleries from the 2011 Rotary International Convention in New Orleans in May, and older galleries such as the Rotary Institutes in Perth and Tauranga in 2010, or even the combined Institute in Christchurch in 2008.
Order and pay for your images online at great Rotary Down Under prices.

Click here or on the image above to view our galleries.

Speakers' Corner
Has your club recently had a great guest speaker? Does that guest speaker want to talk to more Rotary clubs? Let us know and we'll get their contact details on Speakers Corner. For non-professional speakers the listing is free, while for professionals, our rates are more than reasonable! If you are just such a speaker, you need to have your details on RDU's Speakers Corner. We have hundreds of speakers from all states of Australia as well as regions throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. For more details contact .

Dell discounts
As a Rotarian you can enjoy up to 15 per cent off selected Dell products as well as special monthly offers. Go to to see special offers or phone 1300 302 379.


Peace Through Service

Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka, of Japan, has announced his theme for the 2012-13 Rotary year, Peace Through Service, and RDU Merchandise & Promotions has all the appropriate gear in stock.

RDU Merchandise & Promotions has a whole lot more than theme gear available too, from clothing to stationery, name badges to pull-up banners. RDU Merchandise & Promotions is the place to find it all.

Rotary for beginners!

Rotary Down Under is on its way to your letterbox, complete with the annual eight-page feature, Rotary Basics. Rotary Basics is the perfect tool for new or prospective Rotarians. It contains really good reasons to join Rotary, the themes and motivations that Rotary Down Under Onlinedrive us, details of the six areas of focus from Peace and Conflict Resolution to disease prevention and treament, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy and economic and community development. It also lists Rotary by the numbers -- from Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors, to the number of clubs and Districts, as well as a glossary of terms and programs. Rotary Down Under publishes Rotary Basics in August every year, and it's one of the best recruitment tools at your disposal. Give your copy to a potential Rotarian today!

Elsewhere in Rotary Down Under you'll find a brief introduction to all 28 new District Governors in Australia, New Zealand and the South-West Pacific, the results of our reader poll on the length of Rotary leaders' tenure. You may find a surprise or two in the responses.

Rotarian Life and Leisure
Rotarian Life and Leisure takes us on a strange but insightful journey into the fruitbowl in August! Rotarian Traveller OnlineAre you a mango? Maybe you're a banana! Find out by taking Libby Wright's fun personality test. It sounds a little weird, but you may surprise yourself!
Also in this month's Rotarian Life and Leisure is the regular monthly guide to what's happening in each state and territory of Australia as well as New Zealand and the Pacific nations.

Rotarian Traveller
Rotarian Traveller OnlineFeedback from our first edition of Rotarian Traveller last month was enormously encouraging. This month take a cruise through the magic Mediterranean, or find out how you could join fellow Rotarians on a tour to Gallipoli for the 2015 Anzac commemoration.

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Feedback has been extremely positive and it costs no more. Why not take the electronic edition and give a hard copy edition to your guest speaker, or to your local doctor's surgery or solicitor's waiting room? Some clubs have already taken the decision to take their subscriptions completely online, while maintaining delivery of half a dozen hard copies to give away for public relations purposes. 

It may come as a shock to some, but there are actually Rotary Down Under subscribers who don't bother to read their monthly magazine. If you know one of them, why not let them know that they no longer have to carry it from the letterbox to the recycling bin. Makes sense!

It is still a condition of your Rotary Membership that you subscribe to an approved Rotary Magazine.However, if you and your life partner/wife/husband/de-facto/significant other or even your Rotarian son or daughter or Rotarian brother or sister live at the same address, you are no longer required to take two or multiple subscriptions.

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If you wish to opt into an exclusively Digital Subscription, click here to notify us now with the words "Digital Subscription" in the subject line and filling in the necessary email, club and District information.

Now it's a mobile RDU!

It's all very well reading Rotary Down Under online, but it gets pretty difficult reading it on a mobile phone.

But not any more!

RDU for mobile devices

Rotary Down Under is now available on your mobile phone -- any mobile phone or device, including all the new tablets -- in a format that allows you to read and navigate your way without having to scroll endlessly while constantly expanding the on-screen text with your fingers!

All the magazine favourites are there: All the feature stories (including the messages from RI President Kalyan Banerjee and Rotary Foundation Chair Bill Boyd, the mailbox section, the News Bulletin, This Rotary World, even the Notices and Smiles sections.

And you won’t need a microscope! Check it out here. (if you're looking at this from your desktop or laptop, it will appear no different. From a mobile phone or other portable device, you'll see a very different version.) Alternatively, text the word "magazine" to 0427 741 911. We'll text you back a link that will take you straight there.


Humanity in Motion

The 2nd edition of the Humanity in Motion coffee table book is probably among the best PR resources ever produced in Australia, and you can  still get yours through Rotary Down Under.  At just $3.50 plus GST, postage and handling, they make excellent gifts for guest speakers and others interested in the myriad of good works undertaken by Rotarians in 10 of Australia's most proactive Rotary Districts. Get yours today by emailing


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