'Providing humanitarian relief in the form of shelter, warmth and dignity to people made homeless or displaced by natural or other disasters’

Shelter, comfort and a future...  


The Challenge of finding shelter!

Together, we can help Syrian families in desperate need - Qadria is just one Syrian woman who has lost everything. She fled Damascus when her house was looted and her husband was killed. Today, she is living at Krwigorsk refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan with her daughters. Read more about her story.


Kurdistan explained...

Families find peace 

ShelterBox is once again responding to the Syrian Refugee crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan - In October 2012, 500 winterised ShelterBoxes were distributed in Domiz camp near Duhok city. Now ShelterBox is looking to bring shelter to some of the 30,000 plus refugees who have crossed the border in just a few days and are heading to the area around Irbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.  Read more here.

Saving lives in the Philippines...

Helping patients to recover 

Typhoon Utor wreaks havoc in Luzon, one of the largest Philippine islands. 
The storm has not only displaced thousands of people but also damaged infrastructure including hospitals, affecting much needed medical services, particularly in the Aurora Province where ShelterBox has been assessing the needs of the communities.  
Read more here.


A New Home for ShelterBox...

New page on Rotary website 

You can now find  ShelterBox on the Rotary South Pacific website. 
Our ShelterBox page can be found here.
The page contains links to all our latest news, videos and our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, so now you can find all your ShelterBox information in one place!.

Sudan Flooding...

Family survives on car roof

Fatih Al-Rahman was eating his dinner late at night with his wife and five children during Ramadan, having just finished work as a taxi driver when they heard people screaming outside in the dark. Fatih rushed outside and saw that water was coming in through the gate to his courtyard. He tried to stop the flow but the water then broke through the fence to the back of their house. With the water rising, they escaped outside to the only secure place they could find – his car roof.  Read more here

Video: Delivering aid into Syria

ShelterBox has been constantly monitoring the ever-changing Syria crisis.

As the crisis evolves, so too does the international disaster relief charity’s response. See how ShelterBox’s recent Syria appeal is helping displaced Syrian families in need in this video and it is due thanks to our kind and generous supporters worldwide. Read more here.

Syrian Refugee Appeal...  


To download an Appeal sheet please click on the poster... 
ShelterBox has been constantly monitoring this humanitarian crisis and, as it has evolved, so too has our response.
As you will have seen in the news over the last couple of weeks the humanitarian crisis in and around Syria has significantly worsened. 45,000 refugees arrived in Kurdistan in a 2 week period alone and with reports of chemical weapons being used in Damascus and the potential of military intervention, the exodus of families is only likely to increase.

You to can help with our responses around the world. We ask you to donate, no matter how small, to help us help those families in need. Find out about the many ways of giving to ShelterBox by downloading a copy of our Appeal sheet.  THANK YOU!


Video: What Happens to your ShelterBox Donation? 

You've Made a Donation to ShelterBox... So what happens next?
Watch the video to see how your donation is used to make a difference to the lives of thousands of families around the world. Your continued support will help us to be ready for the next disaster. 

Kiwi SRT Deploys to Iraqi Kurdistan...

Supporting the Syrian Crisis

Mike Peachey seen here on the left during a previous deployment to India, is a ShelterBox Response Team member from Hastings and leaves later today for Iraqi Kurdistan. 
Mike is a Fire Station Officer at Hastings and a member of the NZUSRT. He is off on his second deployment since graduating from the ShelterBox Academy in the UK.  to assist with ShelterBox Operations in support of the Syrian crisis. Recently, he has completed a series of talks at a number of Rotary Clubs in the Hawkes Bay area and will I am sure have quite a story to tell on his return. We all wish him well on this deployment.  

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