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Children killed in their beds in a suspected chemical attack are the latest casualties in the terrible conflict that is taking place in Syria.
Since last winter, ShelterBox and our partner Hand in Hand for Syria have been saving lives in the area of this latest attack – and we are ready to respond. So far in 2017 ShelterBox aid has been provided to 3,430 families, and thanks to supporters like you we have been able to help over 20,000 families since the war began.
In Peru flooding has caused a massive loss of life as have the landslides in Mocoa, in Colombia, which have buried entire neighbourhoods forcing thousands of families from their homes.
We cannot leave any of these families exposed to the elements. Please help us give hope to these families, and thousands more around the world, who have been robbed of their homes - Thank You!
'COLOMBIA: Disaster after heavy rains cause Landslides'
A ShelterBox operations team has deployed to Mocoa, in Colombia after landslides caused by heavy rainfall buried whole neighbourhoods, forcing families to flee their homes.

Dozens of children are among those killed in devastating mudslides, according to President Juan Manuel Santos and the official death toll is now 254, with hundreds also injured.

Heavy rain flooded the town of Mocoa in the country's south-west, with mud and rocks burying whole neighbourhoods and forcing residents to flee their homes.  More than 1,000 soldiers and police are involved in the relief effort in Putumayo province.

"Until we have the last person identified we are not going to stop," said President Santos, who flew to the area on Saturday after the landslide struck.

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'PERU: Deadly Floods continue to devastate the country'
A series of devastating floods in Peru have left 100 dead and tens of thousands homeless since the start of the year. Entire roads and bridges have been swept away, towns have been engulfed and farmland has been turned to muddy swamp.

It has led to more than 800 towns and cities declaring states of emergency, and brought about a rise in the price of food. Police have been deployed to keep law and order in flood-ravaged areas.

ShelterBox New Zealand's Owen Smith is already part of a ShelterBox team which is currently assessing the situation in Peru and fellow Kiwi Jimmy Griffith deploys shortly to join the team in Peru..

Since December 2016, above average rains have caused flooding and landslides in 24 of the 25 regions of Peru. 12 regions have declared a state of emergency, with over 600,000 people affected.

The main affected areas are still neck-high deep in water, but our initial assessments are underway.

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'SOMALILAND: Desperate for Rain'

Reports are coming in from Somaliland that the rains are starting to arrive in the country which is heavily affected by drought.

However, catching up with our Operations Team Lead, James Luxton explains that the need for shelter is still urgent. 'The rains will help ease the drought but the people without shelter are getting wet and are now vulnerable to the very cold nights.'

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'SHELTERBOX & ROTARY: Making a difference in Colombia'

On Friday 31 March torrential rains brought an onslaught of mud, trees and rocks to the city of Mocoa in Colombia.  A third of the region's expected monthly rain fell in just one night. Whole neighbourhoods have been crushed by landslides.

The landslide struck in the early hours of Saturday morning when many people were asleep in bed. Many families failed to hear the warnings - which meant they didn't have time to get out of danger.

ShelterBox Operations Coordinator and SRT Dave Ray has just arrived in country with a ShelterBox team and is seen here conducting an assessment meeting with senior Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Colombia in Rotary District 4281.

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'NEW ZEALAND: Cyclone Debbie passes over New Zealand'


The Bay of Plenty town of Edgecumbe is being completely evacuated after the Rangitaiki River breached its banks.  Whakatāne District Council says the entire township of about 2000 was being cleared on Thursday morning. 

Welfare centres have been set up and boats are being used to rescue some residents in areas that couldn't be reached by trucks and "large number" of homes had already been flooded, the fire service says the MetService has lifted all heavy rain warnings for the North Island.

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'SHELTERBOX: Shining a light for those in need'

Imagine a winter without light, without power, without warmth. As we enter the season associated with twinkling lights, roasting food and log fires, ShelterBox will help you to turn your candle-lit supper, lunch event, or any other gathering, into a literally ‘brilliant’ fundraiser.

This winter ShelterBox New Zealand is asking families, clubs and communities to get together to bring light to lives darkened by disaster. There are many ways to join in - by hosting a fundraising candlelit supper, by organising a lunch or community event, or by setting up some other gathering.

Please watch out for more details which will follow shortly!

NEWS:  Updates and Monitoring as at:   7th April 2017

COLOMBIA and SOMALILAND:  Assessment Teams either in-country or on-route.

PERU - FLOODING:  Since December 2016, above-average rains have caused flooding and landslides in 24 of the 25 regions of Peru. Over 99,000 people have suffered losses and over 600,000 people have been affected. 12 regions have declared a state of emergency. Piura and Lambayeque in the northwest, and Ica and Arequipa in the southwest are most affected (ACAPS).

MOZAMBIQUE - CYCLONE DINEO:  Cyclone Dineo made landfall on the coast of Inhambane province, South of Mozambique the night of February 15th  2017. Dineo brought heavy rains and winds of more than 160 kilometres an hour.

MADAGASCAR - CYCLONE ENAWO:  Tropical Cyclone Enawo struck north-eastern Madagascar at around 11.30 hours on 7 March 2017, with average wind of over 205 km per hour, and with peaks of 300 km per hour. People are likely to be directly affected with nine regions at a high risk of flooding or damage from strong winds. 

SOMALILAND - DROUGHT:  Somaliland has a population of 3 million, 1.5 million are nomads. Nomad life depends on livestock, livestock deaths are significant, 70%+ in many areas. This has led to high levels of displacement. Complicating the matter further men and older male children left first with the animals to find pasture, leaving female and child headed HH behind.

Work is on-going and continues to improve the lives of those trapped in Mosul.

Partners: ACTED, People In Need and BRHA

SYRIA - ONGOING DISPLACEMENT:  Overview: It has been over four years since conflict broke out. Since 2011, 6.6 million people have been displaced inside Syria, a further 4.8 million Syrian refugees are residing in neighboring countries. The rebels have lost 90% of their territory as the Syrian government has retaken key areas.

Partners: Hand In Hand for Syria (HIHS), ReliefAid.

CAMEROON & NIGER - REFUGEE DISPLACEMENT:  Operations aim to send a team to meet with partners in the capital cities to monitor our response so far and discuss future plans, in February.  Received a proposal from NGO International Cooperation Action for Humanitarian & Development Assistance (ICAHD) to support refugees displaced in Chad by Boko Haram. 

Partners: IEDA Relief (Cameroon) & Plan (Niger).

– Cyclone Debbie (Queensland)
UGANDA – South Sudanese displacement.
UKRAINE – Munitions explosions.  
NAMIBIA - Flooding.
INDONESIA – Flooding.
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