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to people made homeless or displaced by natural or other disasters’


Philippines: 7.2 magnitude Earthquake  

Together we are making a difference!

Arnold Kelly, a ShelterBox Response Team member from Ashburton, (seen here far right), has deployed to the Philippines to assist in a massive disaster relief effort.  “The island of Bohol was devastated by a massive 7.2-magnitude earthquake. More than 34,000 homes have been damaged,” Arnold says. “There are many communities where homes have been completely destroyed. Others have been partially damaged and families are being forced to sleep outside. Many roads have also fallen away or are blocked by landslides leaving many communities isolated.”
“According to reports, Arnold explained, “the widespread damage and scale of destruction is horrendous for the municipal authorities to deal with. Some 1,800 aftershocks have been recorded so far. The seabed has also risen preventing many boats to sail out to sea as the water level has become shallower. These people now have no home and no livelihood. To make matters worse, the rainy season has just begun. This is not a short-lived crisis. It could go on for months.”  Read more about their work.


Monitoring Team visit the Philippines...

ShelterBox CEO Meets Beneficiaries in Philippines

Since joining ShelterBox as CEO, Alison Wallace has heard many stories from the field; spoken in-depth to the ShelterBox operations team about ShelterBox’s disaster response; and heard from Response Team volunteers about what it’s like to deliver aid to families in need. However, it was on a recent evaluation trip to the Philippines that Alison got to meet and speak to ShelterBox beneficiaries directly.  Read more here.

ShelterBox aid worker speaks from Iraqi Kurdistan

Refugee Children resume their Education 

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Becky Maynard (UK) was recently working in Iraqi Kurdistan helping families affected by the Syrian refugee crisis.
Listen to Becky's latest report from the field.
   Listen here  


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Socks 4 Syria Appeal

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ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Richard Loat (CA) was recently part of a team evacuated from Khartoum in Sudan due to an outbreak of riots. Fatih He was on his first deployment responding to flooding in the area. Even though he had no idea what to expect as he sat on the plane to the disaster zone, once he arrived it was the human connection that assisted him with carrying out ShelterBox’s disaster relief work.  Read more here

Two Children talk Peace amid the Syrian Conflict.  


Toby and Delan talk peace! 
Governments, diplomats and weapons inspectors wrangle over the Syrian conflict. Meanwhile two children over 2,000 miles apart have started a charming dialogue that points the way to peace.
The 5 year old Toby Little and 11 year old Delan Dari have been brought together by ShelterBox, the Cornish charity aiming to raise £2 million to help up to 5,000 more Syrian Refugee families before the harsh winter sets in.  Read more here

ShelterBox returns to Mindanao... 

ShelterBox meets with Community Leaders

As always, a very big thank you to all of our supporters who help us make a difference to families displaced by disaster. Without you, our disaster relief work would not be possible. Thank you! Read more here.

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