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Elevated Stress Can Cause Nutrient Deficiencies in Parents

Parents commonly face tremendous stress when raising a child diagnosed with autism.

From the time of diagnosis, parents face seemingly unsurmountable challenges; a common lack of professional understanding and support, the often challenging decisions associated with autism and biomedical treatments, specific diets, and education and behavioral interventions. Sometimes just managing everyday life can seem unbearable.

Parents are often left emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially exhausted, as they indulge in this journey to help their child.

Constant and relentless pressures can lead to significant nutrient deficiencies and subsequently a deterioration in health and performance.

It is crucial to recognize the importance of nutrients and to determine which nutrients you may be deficient in. Identifying, understanding, and managing your nutrient levels may help you prevent illness and fatigue and give you optimal mental, emotional, and physical health and ultimately, the strength to help you manage a life living with autism.

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