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Dear Friend of Justice,

We have an exciting new educational project under way at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

We’re grateful for all your support as we fight for freedom in the law courts and in the court of public opinion. And we’re hoping you’ll back this bold attempt to raise awareness about our constitution, and improve the public discussion of how and why we should protect freedom.

It’s a
documentary on Canada’s constitution by Dr. John Robson and Brigitte Pellerin, building on their remarkable 2015 documentary on the Magna Carta.

Fixing the Constitution explains in solid historical detail where our traditional rights came from and how our institutions evolved to protect them, and assesses the efficacy of our current constitutional model.

Sure, it’s an ambitious project.

But we think that if Canadians are going to be able to defend their constitutional freedoms, we first must have a thorough understanding of our freedoms' history, importance, strengths and weaknesses.

This documentary will detail the story of our constitution from the beginning of liberty under law in Roman times right down to the present day in a captivating, concise and widely available format that will help us equip more Canadians with the intellectual ammunition to defend their constitutionally-enshrined freedoms.

It will respond to important questions about Canada’s Constitution Act, signed in 1982.


Is it working as well as it should or as well as it used to?

Does it protect our rights and deliver good government?

Does it divide us? Or does it unite us?

Does it inspire us?

If the public does not have a solid understanding of our constitution, of our fundamental law and its foundation in popular consent, we’re in far greater danger of blundering into a sudden crisis of governance, or indeed a constitutional crisis.

That’s why we at the Justice Centre think it’s important to be ready, with a publicly available road map for understanding our constitution and how it protects our rights and freedoms.

Fixing the Constitution will provide us that road map.

A truly free and democratic society requires an educated and informed citizenry who understand the foundations of our free society, the threats to those foundations and the tools we can use to defend against these threats.

That’s why John and Brigitte believe this project is so important.

They have established the basic storyline of the documentary, begun filming within Canada, toured the country to speak about the importance of this film, and are currently undergoing a fact-finding and filming mission to the United Kingdom.  They will later visit the United States, to explore the historic roots of our parliamentary and legal institutions, and the related developments of the American republic. Dr. Robson is researching comparative constitutional models, from the United Kingdom to Australia, and reviewing the literature from leading constitutional scholars to assess the efficacy of our current constitution, considering whether and how it can truly protect Canada’s traditions of freedom and limited government.

Since John and Brigitte teamed up with the Justice Centre and launched a crowdfunding campaign at, hundreds of Canadians have chosen to support this important endeavour, with more than $60,000 raised to date. The success of this campaign tells us that Canadians want an educational resource that explains the full basis for our constitutional rights and freedoms.

This documentary will provide us with that educational tool to understand, defend and critique our constitutional framework.

I ask for your help to bring this project to fruition.

We need to raise an additional $25,000 by Canada Day—July 1, 2016.

That’s less than two weeks away!

Will you help us reach our goal by making a tax-deductible donation online?

Grappling with our constitution is a battle that has at varying times been fought by Prime Ministers, statesmen and judges alike. But these attempts have all failed to capture the hearts of the people, the key stakeholders in our constitution.

This documentary—crowdfunded by Canadians, for Canadians—will inform new discussions from coast to coast to coast about our constitution, its history, strength and weaknesses.  It will inspire people to debate and explore their shared history, the meaning of freedom, what’s right about our current system and what’s dangerously wrong.

Friend, please
chip in now and help us bring this documentary to film screens across the country, with a generous and tax-deductible gift through the Justice Centre.

Won’t you help us? Every contributor will be listed in the documentary credits unless they ask not to be; it’s a genuine citizens’ project with no government funding.

It’s frustrating being a supporter of freedom in Canada today. We really appreciate your determination. And we hope you’ll find this project as exciting as we do, and
step up to help make it happen with a tax-deductible gift.

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click here and designate your gift towards the Fixing the Constitution documentary.

Thank you for helping us to bring this important educational initiative to fruition.

Yours in freedom and justice,

John Carpay, B.A., LL.B.
Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

P.S. The Justice Centre will send you a tax receipt for donations of $50 or more.

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