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Jack Wiener by Bill Hayward
While much of the September issue speaks to ideas about infidelity, and therein especially about the abandonment of the self, the featured gallery artists are all deeply engaged in the process of investigating the true nature of themselves and the world in which they live. Their work often seems to respond to questions about life, its dilemmas and paradoxes, with answers that mix truth and fiction..(Read Curator's Review)

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine Issue Eight

Betrayal of The Self

by Stanley Siegel, Editor-in-Chief

Infidelity means different things to many of us. Most commonly it brings to mind a violation or betrayal of another person, usually a partner or loved one. But as several of the authors in this month issue show, among the most profound infidelity is the betrayal of the self – the abandonment, denial or falsification of the truth about who we are and all the ensuing psychological and relationship consequences that follow.... (Read Stanley's Editor's Note)

In this issue ...

Jeff Warren
Among the Nonduals: Exploring the True Nature of Mind

Ben Peck and Nica Noelle
Porn Talk: A Conversation

Velleda Ceccoli, PhD
Jeté into the Unconscious: The Kinetics of Emotion

Stanley Siegel
The Heterophobic Man: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Brandy Engler Psy.D
Love’s Illusions I Recall

Emily Dubberley
Garden of Desire

Matthew Ortiz
The Fidelity of Infidelity: Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine

Alyssa Siegel
My Cheating Heart: What Causes Infidelity

Eleanor Lerman
Three Poems

Tiago Pinto Ribeiro MS and Maria Raquel Barbosa, Ph.D.
The Body in Fashion

Deborah Cox Ph.D
Why I Abandoned Desire

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