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Psychology Tomorrow Magazine is embarking on a new initiative to match therapists and other practitioners with those interested in expert help - but we need your help before we can help others...
All certified, alternative healers, of mind, body and spirit, are invited to create a free listing on Alternative Therapists (subscribe here).

An Interactive, International Alternative Therapists Directory

Cost: About $2,000 (web design and development only)

Social Impact: Priceless 

Give us your money...

by Stanley Siegel, Editor-in-Chief

We are not going to beat around the bush. We want you to give us money to help expand Psychology Tomorrow Magazine’s social impact through a systems of matching alternative therapists with those seeking expert help.

...if you believe in our mission to:


  • Educate people about all possible types of expert intervention to guide them during times of trouble, such as psychotherapy, sex-positive therapy, life coaching, spiritual therapy, music, art and dance therapy, yoga and meditation practice, and many more.

  • Provide alternative resources to conventional psychotherapies that treat problems as pathological with standard diagnosis and prescribed treatments.

  • Challenge the overuse of medication and the invention of new categories of “mental illness” by big pharmaceutical companies.

  • Respect and positively value those seeking help as individuals whose problems or symptoms do not necessarily originate in pathology, but rather from their best attempts to solve life’s complex dilemmas even though they have brought unwanted consequences.

  • Live authentically and generously by supporting others in greater need.

Or... don't give us your money!

by Benjamin Drake Miller, COO

As an affiliate member, Psychology Tomorrow is able to promote the work of its contributors and earn a (tiny) little bit on the side. However, for the next month, Amazon will give us $6 for ever reader that signs up for a free thirty day trial of Amazon Prime, which itself has many (money-saving) perks and, again, is completely free to try (while profitable to us). If even 300 of of our 30,000+ unique monthly visitors sign up for this trial we will have practically all we need to build Alternative Therapists! 

Stand by your conscience and go now to our campaign on IndieGoGo, where you can read more and make a generous contribution toward the design and development of Psychology Tomorrow's new Alternative Therapists directory. There you can also spread the word, using the social media sharing buttons.

Thank you dearly for your ongoing support,
Stanley Siegel, LCSW

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