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Dear friends and supporters,

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Andy Worthington, the co-founder of the "Close Guantánamo" campaign, is launching a new campaign to call for the release of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in the prison. See our article, "We Stand With Shaker: New Campaign Launches on Nov. 24 Calling for the Release of Shaker Aamer from Guantánamo."

"We Stand With Shaker" launches in London on Monday November 24, with lawyers, politicians, actors and comedians showing their support for Shaker by standing with a giant inflatable figure of him, symbolizing how he is the "elephant in the room" when it comes to U.S.-U.K. relations.

Shaker was approved for release from Guantánamo under President Bush in 2007, and again under President Obama in 2009, and the British government has been seeking his release since 2007, and yet he is still held, and neither government will openly explain why, when his release, to his family in London, ought to be straightforward.

The campaign also has an international online presence, and supporters are encouraged to send in photos of themselves holding hand-made signs that read "I Stand With Shaker," to be featured on the website, when it launches on Monday, and on the campaign's social media sites. Please note that you can like We Stand With Shaker on Facebook and follow the campaign on Twitter.

We hope you will be able to get involved in the campaign, and if you have time, we also hope that you will be able to check out some or all of the articles in Vice's major feature on Guantánamo, which Andy wrote about last week, in an article entitled, "Vice Presents A Major Feature on Guantánamo, Including Ramzi Kassem on Why Prisoners Cleared for Release Are Still Held."

Vice's series of 18 articles is impressive, with articles by the prisoners themselves (including Shaker Aamer), analyses of the current situation, and a fascinating collection of articles on the books that have been banned in Guantánamo, and we commend them for doing what, for the most part, the mainstream media has forgotten to do -- shining a light on the ongoing legal, moral and ethical abomination that is Guantánamo. 

In closing, we are pleased to note that five prisoners have just been released from Guantánamo -- four Yemenis and a Tunisian -- to begin new lives in Georgia and Slovakia, but we are disappointed that, while new homes were being found for these men, at great effort, Shaker Aamer was not also released.

Andy will be writing an article about these freed men very soon (and about a Saudi who has just been repatriated), but in the meantime we'd like to thank you, as ever, for your support.

The "Close Guantánamo" team

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