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Remember the forgotten men in Guantánamo

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for your continued interest in securing the closure of the prison at Guantánamo Bay, a stain on America's conscience and its claim to respect the rule of law.

Last week, we followed up on our demands to President Obama regarding the 86 cleared prisoners still held at Guantánamo, and the need to appoint someone within the administration to deal specifically with the closure of the prison, by publicizing the plight of 46 of the remaining 166 prisoners, whose ongoing imprisonment, without charge or trial, was specifically authorized by President Obama in a disgraceful executive order two years ago.

In "The Forgotten Prisoners of Guantánamo," we examine the cases of these men -- regarded by the administration as too dangerous to release, even though it is acknowledged that there is insufficient evidence to put them on trial. What this means is that the supposed evidence is fatally tainted and untrustworthy -- consisting of statements made by prisoners at Guantánamo and elsewhere, including the CIA's "black sites," who were subjected to torture and abuse, or were bribed, or had mental health problems that were played on, or simply cracked under the pressure and began lying about their fellow prisoners.

When President Obama issued his executive order, he promised to establish periodic reviews of the men's cases, to determine if they should still be held. Disgracefully, however, these reviews have yet to materialize. This news, first reported in December, was the inspiration for our article, and in it we also offer our assistance to the administration in separating fact from fiction when it comes to establishing whether or not these 46 prisoners pose a threat to the U.S.

The urgency of tackling the lies told about Guantánamo by those who seek to keep it open -- including in Congress, where, disgracefully, lawmakers have played a leading role in keeping the prison open -- is particularly pressing as news has recently emerged that dozens of prisoners are on a hunger strike, protesting about a deterioration in their conditions after eleven years in an experimental prison that should never have existed in the first place.

We will have more on this story soon, but, if you have the time, please look at this letter from the attorneys for over a dozen of the men still held.

Again, thanks as ever for your support, and if you can, please forward this to friends and family to ask them to join us -- just an email address is required to be counted amongst those opposed to the ongoing existence of Guantánamo, and to receive updates of our activities by email.
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