An unending injustice.
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The longer an injustice continues …

Dear friends and supporters,

The longer an injustice continues, the worse it gets. That is the case with Guantánamo, but the way the Obama administration behaves, you could be forgiven for thinking that, the longer an injustice continues, the more it can be swept under the carpet.

It is now over four months since, prompted by international outrage over the prison-wide hunger strike that began in February, President Obama promised, in a major speech on national security on May 23, to resume releasing cleared prisoners from Guantánamo. Since that eloquent promise, however, just two men have been released. Both had been cleared for release in January 2010 by an inter-agency task force that the president established when he took office the year before, but although their release is good news, 84 other cleared prisoners are still held and need to be freed as soon as possible.

In our latest article, "Little Progress in the Four Months Since Obama's Promise to Resume Releasing Cleared Prisoners from Guantánamo," Andy Worthington addresses the urgent need for these men to be freed, especially as the U.S. establishment and the media are now promoting the notion that, with the number of hunger strikers down to just 19, Guantánamo -- and the plight of the men still held there -- is no longer a burning issue.

We disagree, and we hope you have time to read the article and to share it. We also want to highlight the GTMO Clock we established in July, to measure how long it is since President Obama's promise, and how many men have been freed, and we encourage you to visit it, and to like, share and tweet it if you find it useful.

We also encourage you to call the White House and ask President Obama to release all the men cleared for release. Call 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 or submit a comment online.

With thanks, as ever, for your support,
The "Close Guantánamo" team

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