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A major new report from "Close Guantánamo"

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for your continuing support of the "Close Guantánamo" campaign and website. We are delighted that you care about the ongoing justice of Guantánamo, and, as we make plans for the 11th anniversary of the prison's opening, on January 11, 2013, with protests in Washington D.C., as usual, we hope that you will be interested in our new report, "Who Are the 55 Cleared Guantánamo Prisoners on the List Released by the Obama Administration?," written by Andy Worthington.

This report follows up on the unexpected release of the names of 55 prisoners cleared for release from Guantánamo three years ago by the Obama administration's Guantánamo Review Task Force. 28 of these names were reported in our major report in June, "Guantánamo Scandal: The 40 Prisoners Still Held But Cleared for Release At Least Five Years Ago," but 27 of the names are new.

The names released by the Justice Department include, for the first time, Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in the prison, whose cleared status was known about anecdotally, but was not confirmed in any official and publicly available U.S. government documents. We recently published an exclusive article about Shaker based on notes from one of his lawyers' meetings with him at Guantánamo, and we encourage you to sign up to the petitions on his behalf if you have not already done so -- a U.K. petition here, and an international petition here.

Also included on the list, and discussed in this report, are 26 Yemenis, the last five Tunisians, four Afghans, four Algerians, four Syrians, the last three Uighurs, a Saudi, the last Palestinian, the last Tajik, a Libyan, a Mauritanian, a Moroccan, a Sudanese prisoner and the last prisoner from the United Arab Emirates.

Once the U.S. Presidential election is over, we hope you will join with us in demanding that whoever emerges as the victor addresses the ongoing injustice of holding men who have been cleared for release, and immediately frees the 55 men discussed in this report, and the 31 others not included on the government's list. 

And, of course, we still demand that, sooner rather than later, the entire prison at Guantánamo must be closed, to bring to an end this dark period in modern U.S. history.

Thanks as ever for your support.
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