Support Sen. Levin on Guantanamo!
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Please tell your Senator to support Sen. Carl Levin's version of the NDAA, which will help to close Guantánamo

Dear friends and supporters,

This coming week, it is expected that the Senate will vote on this year's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and we very much hope that, if you are in the U.S., you will be able to ask your Senators to vote for the amended version of the bill put forward by Sen. Carl Levin, through the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The version of the NDAA put forward by Sen. Levin would allow President Obama to transfer prisoners to the U.S. mainland to face trial, or to be imprisoned, thereby making the closure of Guantánamo possible. 

It would also allow prisoners to be temporarily moved to the U.S. mainland for medical treatment that cannot be provided at Guantánamo.

The passage of this version of the NDAA would not be the end of the story. There would still be a showdown with the House of Representatives, and nothing will happen without President Obama finding the will to press ahead decisively with plans to close Guantánamo, as he first promised when he took office nearly four years ago.

Our latest article here at "Close Guantánamo" is entitled, "Will Carl Levin's Amendments to the NDAA Help President Obama Close Guantánamo?" In it, Andy Worthington explains the long history of obstacles raised by Congress to prevent the closure of Guantánamo, and further explains why it is so important for Sen. Levin's proposals to be embraced by the Senate.

We hope you will be able to help, and that the Senate will finally do what is needed to facilitate the closure of Guantánamo.

With thanks, as ever, for your support.
The "Close Guantánamo" team

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