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Relaunching the Gitmo Clock as part of the Countdown to Close Guantánamo

Dear friends and supporters,

As part of our Countdown to Close Guantánamo initiative, which we launched in January, we have just relaunched the Gitmo Clock, which we first set up in 2013 to count how long it had been since President Obama's May 2013 promise to resume releasing prisoners from Guantánamo after years of inaction provoked by Congressional obstruction.

For the Countdown to Close Guantánamo, We Relaunch the Gitmo Clock, Counting Days Obama Has Left to Close the Prison Before He Leaves Office is our article announcing the relaunch of the Gitmo Clock, and we hope you have the time and the inclination to read it, and to visit, like, share and retweet the clock if you support the closure of Guantánamo.

The Gitmo Clock was relaunched with 270 days left until the end of the Obama presidency, and while the clock counts down every day, hour, minute and second, the next significant date in the Countdown is May 14, when there will be 250 days left. To join the campaign, please take a photo with the poster here and send it to us at:

Please also watch Close Guantánamo co-founder Andy Worthington discussing the Gitmo Clock and the Countdown to Close Guantánamo on RT.

More Periodic Review Boards

Last week, two more Periodic Review Boards took place for prisoners held at Guantánamo, and Andy Worthington wrote about the first of those two PRBs in an article entitled, Guantánamo Review for Obaidullah, an Afghan Whose Lawyers Established His Innocence Five Years Ago. We have been covering the PRBs assiduously since they began in November 2013, reviewing the cases of all the men not already approved for release or facing trials, and in November we compiled the first comprehensive list of the reviews, to complement our existing list of all the prisoners still held

Andy will be writing soon about the second PRB that took place last week, and we will also keep monitoring and writing the reviews taking place this week and in the coming weeks, because the PRBs are the only way that current exists for a number of prisoners whose significance has been overstated -- either because they were mistakenly described as "too dangerous to release" or were put forward for deeply flawed war crimes trials when they had not committed war crimes -- to be approved for release.

With thanks, as ever, for your support. 

The "Close Guantánamo" team

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