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Trump, torture and Guantánamo

Dear friends and supporters,

It’s almost two weeks since Donald Trump’s shocking victory in the U.S. Presidential Election, and we wanted take this opportunity to review what we know of Trump’s intentions, and what might happen, in relation to Guantánamo, the use of torture, sending U.S. citizens to Guantánamo, holding military commissions and the use of drones, under his presidency.

Drawing on articles in the New York Times by Charlie Savage, in the Miami Herald by Carol Rosenberg, and on NPR and by the Associated Press, Andy Worthington has put together a detailed analysis of the situation, entitled, Donald Trump and Guantánamo: What Do We Need to Know?, which we hope you will find interesting, and will share if you do.

There are good reasons for thinking that there will be opposition to any plan to bring new prisoners to Guantánamo, and there will certainly be fierce opposition to any proposal to reintroduce the use of torture, but we are worried about the kind of people Donald Trump is appointing to senior positions, and we share Charlie Savage’s disappointment that the Obama administration did so little to hold any senior Bush administration officials accountable for the crimes committed in the “war on terror,” and also failed to thoroughly repudiate so many aspects of Bush’s policies that there may be nothing to prevent Donald Trump from reviving them.

What is certainly clear is that Guantánamo will stay open, but, that said, we are sure we can rely on you all to continue opposing its existence, and also to rise to the occasion should efforts be made to revive torture, or to send new prisoners to Guantánamo.

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We’ll be letting you know in due course about our plans for the inauguration and beyond, and we’re sure there will be initiatives involving all the organizations that have long opposed the existence of Guantánamo and who we have worked with, including Amnesty International USA, the ACLU, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Defending Dissent Foundation, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Center for Constitutional Rights, CODEPINK, the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms, the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Reprieve, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition, Witness Against Torture and the World Can’t Wait.

In the meantime, please join us in the latest phase of the Countdown to Close Guantánamo, which we launched in January, whereby, every 50 days, we encourage you to stand with posters counting down how many days President Obama has left to fulfill the promise to close Guantánamo that he made on his second day in office in January 2009. We continue to hope that he can close it before he leaves office in January, and that it is worth reminding him.

To get involved, please print off the “50 days to go” poster here, take a photo with it, and send it to us at for November 30, when President Obama will have just 50 days left. See previous photos — over 500 in total — here, here and here, and check out the Gitmo Clock for the countdown by day, hour, minute and second until Donald Trump’s inauguration (it was 60 days yesterday).

With thanks, as ever, for your ongoing support.

The "Close Guantánamo" team

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