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Slow progress at Guantánamo

Dear friends and supporters,

In recent articles, we've been looking at the Periodic Review Boards for the majority of the men at Guantánamo who have not already been approved for release, or who are not facing trials.

"Close Guantánamo" co-founder Andy Worthington's latest article, "Periodic Review Boards at Guantánamo: Another Yemeni Cleared for Release, Another Approved for Ongoing Detention," brings the story up to date with an analysis of the two most recent decisions taken by the PRBs -- to approve one Yemeni, Saeed Jarabh, for release, but to approve the ongoing imprisonment of another, Khalid Qasim.

As Andy explains in his article, although it is, on paper, good news for Saeed Jarabh, it does not guarantee his release. Eight men have so far been approved for release by the PRBs, but only two have been released, and five of the six others are Yemenis, who join 43 other Yemenis still awaiting release after the high-level review process President Obama established when he first took office in 2009.

In addition, we at "Close Guantánamo" have problems with the assessment of Khalid Qasim's case. Although he has been badly behaved in custody, there is no evidence that he was involved in terrorism, or took up arms against U.S. forces, and yet a PRB has approve his continued imprisonment, after a period of time -- 13 years -- that ought no longer be accepted as appropriate for holding anyone who is not going to be put on trial.

If you have time, we also recommend Andy's article, "UK Government Backs Parliamentary Motion to Secure Release of Shaker Aamer from Guantánamo," about the important debate last week in the British Parliament, which sent a powerful message to Barack Obama -- and also to the British Prime Minister David Cameron -- that the ongoing imprisonment of the last British resident, approved for release in 2007 and 2009 but still held, is no longer acceptable.

You can also read the transcripts of the debate here and here, in which the best of Britain's lawmakers expressed their disgust that Shaker Aamer is still held.

With thanks, as ever, for your support.

The "Close Guantánamo" team

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