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Disgraceful engineered hysteria regarding the Taliban/Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap

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Last week, in response to the disgraceful hysteria -- whipped up in the media, and by cynical lawmakers -- about the release of five Taliban prisoners from Guantánamo to Qatar in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the sole U.S. prisoner of war in Afghanistan, Andy Worthington delivered a powerful rebuke to the critics in "Missing the Point on the Guantánamo Taliban Prisoner Swap and the Release of Bowe Bergdahl."

In that article, Andy took apart all the false claims made by critics of the prisoner swap -- including the claims that Sgt. Bergdahl should have been abandoned, that the five released Taliban prisoners pose a threat to the U.S., and that President Obama had no right to make the prisoner exchange without involving Congress.

As a follow-up, because the hysteria has not subsided, we've just published another article dealing with the manufactured scandal, which has seen lawmakers threatening to make it even more difficult for prisoners to be released -- even though 78 of the remaining 149 prisoners have been approved for release (all but three since January 2010).

Our latest contribution, introduced by Andy, is "Holding the Nation Accountable to its Ideals: The Lawyer for One of the Taliban Prisoners Freed from Guantánamo Speaks," a cross-post of an op-ed written for Time by Frank Goldsmith, the lawyer for one of the five released prisoners, Khairullah Khairkhwa, a Taliban moderate who was the governor of the western Afghan province of Herat.

Frank's op-ed provides a succinct reminder of why so few of the men sent to Guantánamo were "the worst of the worst," and why the rule of law is so important.

Please also see Frank Goldsmith and Andy Worthington on Democracy Now!

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