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Quest for meaningfull applications...

Editor's note

In the quest for meaningful applications for the Internet of Things, we have discovered a couple related to peace of mind, one for waterway users and one for elderly. We got extra help searching, as the Eindhoven University adopted our platform for Research and Education purpose in a new faculty building. if you have a similar problems feel free to contact us or our partners and download the complete newsletter.

Waterway Safety
Jos Westveer

With an increasing use of the Beatrix Canal by freightships, pleasure boats, and canoes, safety becomes an issue. The City of Eindhoven is using innovative measures to improve the logistics of cargo as well as improve safety of ships and canoes. In collaboration with OpenRemote, we developed an app with real-time information and a management dashboard for the area manager. Watch the video or read the full article.

Bricks to clicks
Cristina Florenta Chira

It all started in 2013 with an empty lot and some ideas. The question was “How can we get from a house of bricks to a home that can improve your quality of life?”.. Read the full article or watch the video

Social Alert
Joost Hornman

Welfare organizations in The Netherlands are now offering the Social Alert product to elderly and care takers. Using a pendant and an app users can define their own rules and notifications to their trusted contacts. Watch the video or read the full article.

Designer 3.0
Christian Bauer

We are working on a new version of OpenRemote. We invite longtime users and contributors who had the patience to wait, for a sneak preview. We need your feedback! If you are interested to join a webinar in which we'll demonstrate a first version, please read more or contact us.

Velbus in Pro 1.3
Stuart Hanlon, Mdar

Velbus and Mdar offer attractive building automation solutions. OpenRemote Pro 1.3 now includes the Velbus protocol and enables a wide range of applications. Read the full article or visit the How to Velbus wiki page.


University Research
Philip Ross

The Intelligent Lighting Institute turned a large roofed area at the TU/e campus into a Living Light Lab, to study the social and technological implications of intelligent lighting in public space. This Market Hall Living Lab features a matrix of 64 Philips RGB and iWhite LED spots, 3 Axis Network Cameras and 12 Kinect sensors. OpenRemote interconnects the hardware and offers a platform for interactive app development. Watch this video or visit TU/e ILI.

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