ROAD REPAIRS August 2013
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August 2,  2013
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Fellow homeowners:
During the next few weeks, I ask patience and cooperation from you. We will be inconvenienced because of some much needed road repair.

As a community, our biggest assets are our roads. It is also our most costly to maintain.  At the present time, to repave the roads, the cost is over $450,000.00. Our plan is to make repairs to extend the life of the roads.

By repairing the roads, we hope to extend the life of the roads approximately five years. What we are planning to do is to:
1) Fill in cracks
2) Seal coat the surface
3) Repair severe damage


The two main problems are:
  • Cracks
  • Asphalt bonding agent depletion. The asphalt bonding agent is known as asphalt cement or AC.
Cracks will allow water to get under the asphalt and during the winter freezes, the water turns to ice which expands and caused the asphalt to break apart.

AC depletion will cause the top surface of gravel to come loose from the road surface. Again, water can seep into the asphalt and begin to break up the asphalt as the water freezes. Since the gravel in our roads comes from lime stone, the whiter the road, the more the AC is depleted.

We will start with the two roads that appear to need the most work at this time. They are Cloverdale Road and Stephen Lane. There are depressions in Cloverdale Road at the intersection of Heath Drive. Going down the hill toward the main exit, there are many cracks that need additional repair. Stephen Lane has sever AC depletion.

What to expect

The repair will be in four stages. If you can drive alternative routes to get to and from your home during this initiative, please do so. Since driveways may be blocked, fellow homeowners may need to park on your grass.

Crack repair: This will be done for both streets before other repairs will start. As soon as the cracks are repaired, we will be able to drive on the surface.

Seal coat:  This will be done on one side of the road at a time. After approximately 6 hours, we will be able to drive on the finished surface.
  • You may need to park on the street outside the work area during this phase.
  • If you have a concrete driveway, you may want to avoid parking in it for at least 12 hours after completion to avoid tar in your driveway.

Road repair on Cloverdale Road: We will be able to drive on the surface immediately after completion.

Painting the lines on Cloverdale Road: Quick dry paint will be used. There should be no problem driving on the lines, but try to avoid the lines immediately after the painting is complete.

Plans are to start sealing Stephen Lane Monday morning. The road crew will start at the cull-da-sack. From there, they will work down the right side of the road. When they finish the right side, they will start on the left. If you need to get out in the morning and live on the cull-da-sack or on the right side near the cull-de-sack, Sunday night, you should leave your car parked on the grass on the left side. I will post updates as they become available. If you have any questions, feel free to call.

Bob Montgomery, President of Cloverdale HOA 304.261.0271 

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ANNOUNCEMENT August 2,  2013

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