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Published in May 2015
The fact that ERCO works alongside many major labels like adidas, Camper, ZARA or PRADA, but also smaller shops, in partnerships extending over years and decades enables a close dialogue and allows us to stay on top of the latest developments in shop lighting – as the ever more dramatic illumination in shops from Milan to Prague and Berlin to Seattle.

The need to stand out in both character and style is one of the major issues in brand communication today – and is optimally achieved with the right spatial and lighting concept. Be it trends of the world’s major fashion capitals, regional delicacies or last-century vintage furniture: The approach taken by major labels and extraordinary boutiques in presenting their products and ideas in the right light reflects in each case in their glamorous, minimalist or traditional scenography. Corporate lighting punctuates their approach subtly, makes shopping an experience, guides through the premises and accentuates the qualities of the products. Opting for LED lighting additionally ensures savings in both energy and costs – thanks to energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance of the LEDs.

ERCO also adopts a clear approach. Since the 1960s, the company in Lüdenscheid has stood for innovation and quality in architectural lighting – and for thinking in light, not luminaires. This idea has now been taken to the next level, and in 2015 we became the first traditional luminaire manufacturer with a redesigned range based completely on LED technology. We have summarised the broad potential of digital architectural lighting for the lighting design in shops, offices, museums, public authorities or churches for you here. Our product designers understood early on that digital light requires its own design – the iF Design Award promptly acknowledged this with the iF Gold Award 2015 for Lightscan.

Sit back and enjoy the diversity of design options with ERCO digital light in a wide range of applications for big and small budgets – with three action-packed ERCO films in the style of “short cuts” set up as a cinematic experience for all designers working with light.

Curtains up for the international world of shopping in ERCO light!

ERCO editorial team
“Finally giving shoppers room to breathe”
What makes good shop lighting with LED? An interview with lighting designer Devki RajGuru about The Pro Shop at CenturyLink Field Stadium in Seattle.

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Project report
Delicatessen store Ölmühle an der Havel, Berlin
Oil factory Ölmühle an der Havel recently opened a new outlet in Berlin Kreuzberg. The family business specialises in the production of the finest cooking oils based on a tradition of natural quality. The transparent oils are displayed effectively in their various shades in the precise light of ERCO Optec spotlights.

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Project report
Showroom Blaha Office, Korneuburg
Family-run office furniture manufacturer Blaha in Austria is one of the foremost suppliers in its field. At its headquarters in Korneuburg near Vienna, the company operates a showroom displaying high-quality furniture systems and multicoloured acoustic systems with eye-catching effect. ERCO’s Opton spotlight with flexible Spherolit technology lends itself perfectly to the implementation of a complex lighting concept.

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Project report
Boutique La Martina, Prague
Founded in Argentina in the 1980s, La Martina today is a global player in the world of polo. A quintessential brand which initially made a name for itself with exclusive polo equipment, it is now recognised across the world primarily for its lifestyle clothing and polo inspired accessories. Representing elegance, prestige and the traditions of polo, its style appeals to an established clientele. Early in 2014 La Martina opened a boutique in Prague – ERCO supplied the lighting.

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Project report
Firma London, Berlin
A small but exquisite store for stylish vintage design seeks suitable shop lighting. The challenge: constantly changing product presentations, with many polished and reflective surfaces. Modern LED luminaires with ERCO Spherolit technology enable a flexible lighting solution that is well received by the client.

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Project report
Antonia Store, Milan
That transience is an all-pervasive issue, even in fashion, is captured quite poetically in the morbidly elegant shop architecture of the upmarket boutique Antonia in Milan. The latest fashion collections of international high-end labels are presented against a backdrop of marble, glass, mirrored surfaces – and crumbling plaster.

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Planning light
Digital light for retail and chain stores, supermarkets and car dealerships
International fashion labels can often be recognised as soon as you enter a store, just by their lighting. Local brands, in contrast, maintain their status against competitors with inventive concepts, exquisite quality, individual service – and the appropriate lighting. Be it car dealership, shopping mall or luxury boutique, furniture store or delicatessen: ERCO projects all around the world demonstrate the enormous spectrum for designers to use light with maximum efficiency as a distinctive quality of ERCO spotlights and downlights in shops.

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Planning light
New features for the ERCO Light Finder
Only a year old and the ERCO Light Finder has proven a valuable planning tool for individual lighting solutions. It now also offers features for inspiration to address any of your planning issues.

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Lightscan secures iF Gold Award, Parscan wins iF Design Award
This year’s iF Design Awards were held on 27 February 2015. ERCO was picked for two awards in the “Product – Lighting” category. The Lüdenscheid Light Factory won the iF Gold Award for Lightscan and an additional iF Design Award for Parscan.

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Experience ERCO from new perspectives
Would you have thought that ERCO offers the perfect lighting tools not just for museums but also for offices? Did you know that ERCO inspires magical lighting solutions even in low-budget projects? And are you familiar with the diverse applications of digital wallwashers for perfect vertical illuminance? Discover ERCO from new perspectives with our brand-new films!

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