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Published in October 2014
Celebrate with ERCO: This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded jointly to scientists Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura – for the invention of efficient blue LED. Enabling the creation of white light with LED chips, we have taken this rough diamond and transformed it into high-carat lighting tools using our own, specially developed photometric systems. The brilliance of our LED light is the result of ERCO’s highly precise lens systems, sophisticated thermal management and intelligent electronics.

Focus is now on developing the creative potential of LED technology for a differentiated lighting design. Because each space – be it an office, a concept store or a public building – requires an individual lighting concept that is perfectly matched to meet the requirements of its users. As a result, we have grouped the broad spectrum of our projects into eight areas of application: Work, Shop, Culture, Community, Public, Hospitality, Living and Contemplation. Our latest reports are designed to give you an insight into the diversity of our international activities in the hope that they will inspire you to create your own lighting projects.

Our holistic view of light has proved a winner in the construction and creative industries, as demonstrated at the Iconic Awards, the new architectural competition organised by the German Design Council. ERCO won not just one but three awards – for our brand campaign, our ERCO trade fair booth at the Light+Building 2014, and our Lightscan outdoor projector.

Read all the latest news from our international ERCO network here and prepare to be amazed!

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Light for a life with art: Schnabel residence, Berlin
At a residence in Berlin, which presents itself as unconventional in every respect housing a collection of large-size artwork, ERCO spotlights again demonstrate their quality and versatility in use. Lawyer and art collector Gunnar Schnabel, an internationally recognised specialist in art restitution, took us on a tour of his home.

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Project report
Department of Urban Development and Environment, Hamburg
It is one of the most spectacular buildings erected in Hamburg in recent years. The complex of the Department of Urban Development and Environment (Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt – BSU), designed by Sauerbruch Hutton, catches the eye with an undulating and multi-coloured façade.

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Project report
Airfield Farm, Dublin
Airfield Farm is set Victorian style on more than 38 acres of land, nestled in sprawling gardens. Now a charitable organisation established in 1974 by the Overend family, who has owned the estate in Dublin for many generations, it offers visitors the opportunity to experience life on a farm in harmony with nature. Today, the former family home is surrounded by large gardens, a farm, a café and a shop. The stately home was turned into a museum that brings to life the world of this Victorian family in the context of its era.

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Project report
Danske Bank branch, Belfast
Opened in a Belfast shopping complex, the latest branch of Danske Bank presents itself with a fresh and inviting look that positively encourages people to step inside. Design agency I-AM from London had previously set about carefully revising the architectural concept of the bank, which until recently had traded under the name Northern Bank.

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Project report
Mercedes showroom, Lugano
For more than 100 years, the Mercedes automotive brand has managed to balance consistent quality with technological evolution. This is reflected in the Mercedes showroom in Lugano, which ERCO has now retrofitted with highly efficient LED lighting.

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Iconic Awards 2014: “It’s no longer about firing on all cylinders; it’s about intelligent ideas and good design”
ERCO has won not just one but three Iconic Awards this year: The new brand films and ERCO’s trade fair booth at the Light+Building 2014 all received the “Best of Best” award, the Lightscan outdoor projector was named the “Winner”.  
We spoke to Andrej Kupetz, General Manager of the German Design Council, in Frankfurt about the award, trends in architecture, and the ERCO brand.

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