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ERCO Newsletter 12

Published in May 2017
Dear friends, partners and connoisseurs of good lighting

Are you currently sitting in an office? How is it designed – and how is it illuminated? We at ERCO believe that each area of an office should be designed in a differentiated way, including the light. Concentrated work demands a different type of light to that required for receiving visitors or gaining inspiration. For this reason we've just published an extensive guide on our website all about "light in office buildings" that exemplifies holistic approaches to lighting design – supplemented with diverse visualisations. We'd also like to present you with our "House of Compar". This shows how offices and public buildings can be illuminated so that users and their perceptional needs are central. As a result of these considerations and analyses, we launched the Compar range of luminaires. Compar luminaires enable lighting concepts that showcase architecture and simultaneously provide ideal light for the complete range of visual tasks. A project from the world of work that we judge to be particularly successful is the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan. It has the appearance of illuminating from within like a giant lantern.

This year's EuroShop in March in Düsseldorf was all about big emotions. The ERCO stand was dedicated to in-house lighting technology that provides a toolbox for expressive showcasing with light. Gourmet foods in particular should be displayed especially attractively. Demonstrating that this is the case around the world, this newsletter shows you shops from Stuttgart with organic products, meat specialities from Barcelona and appetising cakes from Beijing. By the way, if you are illuminating shops with frequently changing displays, we recommend Gimbal recessed spotlights. These can be adjusted simply and precisely thanks to their gimbal mechanism.

We wish you great fun searching for inspiration and enhancing your lighting design expertise!

With best wishes,
your ERCO editorial staff
Light guide
Work – Light for offices
The debate concerning attractive, creatively stimulating and flexible office worlds is in full swing but a considerable part of office equipment is still observed quantitatively – the lighting. Although light is of essential importance in knowledge-orientated work environments that focus on people: light can significantly contribute to the quality of the room and support dialogue and concentration. We show you what lighting concepts look like that meet the needs of a dynamic digitally networked knowledge society.

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House of Compar
The new Compar range of recessed luminaires brings together the complete spectrum of advantages from the ERCO luminaire system. The range provides creative and technical designers with flexibility of design in the space with maximum photometric quality and outstanding glare control. We provide the proof – Compar enables perception-orientated lighting concepts to be implemented in public buildings, offices, cultural institutions, hotels and restaurants that highlight the architecture and comply with any visual task.

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Light reports
UniCredit Pavilion in Milan – lighting as a component of outstanding architecture
The renowned Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi in collaboration with Gruppo C14 lighting designers, designed the new, multi-purpose pavilion of the UniCredit Bank in the form of an oversized lantern: the architectural gem constructed from timber and glass appears to radiate from within thanks to lighting tools from ERCO.

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EuroShop 2017: Light adds emotion to retail
Lighting concepts in a retail context should stir emotions using evocative light scenes to display new fashion collections or motor vehicles, the latest book releases at a fair, or fresh delicatessen. But which lighting tools give the designer flexibility to execute projects of any scale and complexity? At the EuroShop 2017 the ERCO booth focussed on ERCO lighting technology based on in-house developed LED photometrics, offering a cohesive toolbox of modular lighting tools for stunningly expressive concepts. To demonstrate their creative potential at EuroShop, ERCO gave three-dimensional expression to its range of light distributions.

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Light reports
Speciality foods brilliantly presented: FrischeParadies, Stuttgart
Differentiated lighting design facilitates in-store orientation and attracts the customer’s attention with eye-catching product displays: With over 1,000 square metres of floor space, the new market store of FrischeParadies GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart showcases the vast creative scope of ERCO LED spotlights and downlights.

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Light reports
The appetising display of regional specialities: Casa Tió, Barcelona
How can light be used effectively to accentuate the quality of fine food? Optimal colour rendering is a must, even more so when light is used to maximise the appeal of meat products. With this in mind, the new store of delicatessen chain Casa Tió in Barcelona chose ERCO LED lighting tools to present its array of regional specialities in a fresh and appetising light.

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Light reports
Black Swan – a Beijing patisserie displays gourmet cakes with LED lighting
It is said that black swans are rare. This is no longer the case in Beijing, even though they consist of sweetmeat: The recently opened "Black Swan" patisserie offers bakery goods of the highest standards. These are displayed in an interior inspired by a snowy winter landscape – with contrast-rich lighting created by ERCO Optec spotlights.

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Gimbal – a recessed spotlight with a highly precise, compact swivel mechanism
Gimbal suspensions are commonly found in the world of technology – Leonardo da Vinci proposed them for a ship's compass and in the lighting technology sector they provide an elegant solution for the precise adjustment of luminaires. Gimbal recessed spotlights bring this principle into the digital lighting era – with an especially precise, comfortable swivel function that is also more compact than conventional swivel mechanisms, in turn enabling lower recess depths.

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