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Newsletter 14

Published in February 2018
Dear friends, partners and connoisseurs of good lighting,

We sincerely hope that you've started the New Year healthy and with many creative ideas for your projects. This year we once again wish to inspire you with reports about light from all over the world, to provide you with new lighting and application knowledge and also to inform you about the latest developments at ERCO.
For us light is a means of design to improve the impact and quality of stay of architecture. Our new products in 2018 expand the box of tools required for this, for example the wallwashers for wall heights of 8m and more, downlights for track, and spotlights for accenting with over 4000lx at a distance of 10m. Our "Community" guide offers fresh lighting expertise for the illumination of public buildings. We also show how the Austrian interior design company Bernd Gruber combines modern work with artisan tradition.

Have fun reading.

With best wishes,
your ERCO editorial staff
ERCO new products 2018
The new ERCO product spectrum for 2018 reflects our aim of improving the effect of rooms and their quality of stay with light. Our innovations once again provide lighting designers with diverse options for creating a high quality surrounding and simultaneously conserving resources. With Quintessence double focus downlights for example, lighting designers are able to offer their building owners maximum levels of visual comfort with the use of wallwashing and general lighting. ERCO has enhanced its product programme with Compar pendant luminaires and Skim downlights for track to achieve differentiated lighting concepts and more quality of stay in offices. Also added: tuneable white lighting tools for individual work atmospheres.

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Light guide
Community – light for public buildings
What binds our society together, allows it to function and makes it worth living? Not least the communal buildings in which people move, gather and exchange information. Buildings for public administration, educational facilities, theatre, congress centres, railway stations and airports: their architecture, equipment and condition reflect the needs and reality of a society. Creating new features or maintaining existing structures provides both opportunities and responsibilities for planners and designers. Care and quality in all planning aspects are the decisive criteria. Light assumes much more than just functional tasks – it also determines the character and representative symbolic force of public buildings.

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Light reports
Bernd Gruber – Manufactory for Interior Design displays rich contrasts
Snow-covered mountain peaks, forest all the way up to the tree line, clouds that float from the valley across the crest of the mountains. In between, a building designed on clear geometric lines. Its concrete mirrors the rock of the mountains, the wooden frontage the surrounding forest. The glass facades create a fluid transition between inside and outside. Inspired by the Pinzgau Alps – and state-of-the-art architecture – Bernd Gruber designs and produces premium interiors. The lighting solution for the reception, office workplaces and meeting areas at the Stuhlfelden location continues this concept.

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Light reports
A petrol and service station illuminated to be seen from afar
The Fürholzen petrol and service station is located on the A9 motorway from Nuremberg to Munich. For vehicle fuelling it offers a variety of different fuels ranging from electric and gas to hydrogen. The site operated by Tank & Rast GmbH also has a shop, restaurant and washroom facilities. The innovative character of the fuelling concept is reflected in the design of the architectural practice Allmann Sattler Wappner. The defining element consists of a long, curved gabled roof folded upwards. Weiser.Lighting from Troisdorf were responsible for the lighting design.

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Light reports
Relighting of the Church of St Mary’s Birth in Grevenbroich
The Roman Catholic parish church of St. Mariä Geburt in Grevenbroich, a small town near Düsseldorf, was built in 1930. The single-nave, elongated rectangular church hall is canopied by low pointed barrel vaulting, reminiscent of a ship's hull. The church interior was recently refurbished. The renovation work also consisted of fundamentally redesigning the church lighting. A solution was found using track and spotlights from ERCO that ideally combined cost efficiency, technical feasibility and design quality with high levels of flexibility.

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