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ERCO Newsletter 10

Published in October 2016
Dear friends of good light,

Living in a society where information is increasingly abundant, there is a pressing need for clear structure and hierarchy in content. This goes for books, magazines and the web as well as for space – for example in exhibitions where the visitor wants to engage with and explore works of science or art. In concept stores, where the allure of products enhances the customer experience. But also in airports and administration buildings, where people need clear direction to find their bearings in a large building complex.

How then can the required information be provided in a manner that attracts attention without being intrusive? Hiding, unclicking or erasing the architecture is hardly an option. This is where light as a design tool comes in. In foyers, light emphasises the content of information boards and brings reception desks or circulation zones to the fore. Lighting design in exhibitions underlines curatorial messages, accentuating artwork. Contemporary retail design, meanwhile, communicates brand identity increasingly by using a subtle creative approach in place of a heavy focus on corporate design, creating a brand experience in which corporate colours are substituted for light that gives structure to the room whilst generating a fresh and dynamic atmosphere. Each zone, each product, each exhibit is effectively staged in the right light – which thereby takes a key role in the information architecture of three-dimensional space.

What makes light such an effective tool for communication? Vision is our dominant sense, accounting for up to 80% of the information we absorb and keeping well over a quarter of our brains busy. From the viewpoint of perceptual psychology, the human being responds most readily to contrasts and, due to the anatomy of the human eye, to bright vertical surfaces. Given this fact, it makes sense that light should be used as a prominent feature in creative design. The following new ERCO project reports from all over the world explain how designers and contractors use perception-orientated lighting for orientation and storytelling.

Enjoy this issue!

Your ERCO editorial team
Light reports
Creating depth with ERCO light: PUMA Concept Store, Berlin – A film interview with Pablo Rodriguez
In our film report experienced retail design specialist Pablo Rodriguez, Global Head of Retail Environment at PUMA, explains how he uses light to create visual rhythm and depth in Berlin’s PUMA Store, conveying the brand experience with ERCO lighting tools.

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Light reports
Museu de Cultures del Món, Barcelona
To avoid glass cabinets creating disturbing reflections, a few tricks are required using qualitative lighting design. Learn more about the lighting concept for the cultural Museu de Cultures del Món in Barcelona, where art and architecture come into their own without competing with each other.

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Light reports
Healthy fast food tastefully illuminated: Youfresh, Berlin
The small but stylish fast food label Youfresh responds to the current food trend with a concept designed to communicate that healthy fast food is not a myth. For added appeal, the wide selection of vitamin-packed goodness is illuminated by flexible ERCO lighting tools designed to create a warm and inviting ambience in a compact setting.

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Light reports
Light effects as if from Caravaggio: Travelling exhibition “Matthew Penn - Illuminating Characters”
Designed as a compact travelling exhibition “Matthew Penn - Illuminating Characters” demonstrates that a few dramatic lighting accents, reduced to an absolute minimum, can enhance the quality of the exhibition experience for the visitor. Rising British artist Matthew Penn has come to see ERCO spotlights as an integral part of his art, which, when precisely manipulated to highlight certain areas of the hyper-realistic paintings, create a striking and almost sculptural effect. His creative approach offers a contemporary take on the tenebristic chiaroscuro style popular with master painters of the Renaissance era.

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Light reports
Powerful ambient lighting in the airport: Refurbishment of Terminal 1, Sydney Airport
Handling close to 40 million passengers each year, Kingsford Smith International Airport is Australia’s largest and busiest hub. Terminal 1, which was opened in 1970, now shines in the brilliant light of Skim downlights, singled out by the airport operators as the preferred lighting tools for uniform ambient lighting in the security and retail areas – creating a bright and pleasantly fresh ambience.

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Parscan spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers – Minimalist design
Parscan delivers LED technology in an elegant and compact digital shape. Offering the widest selection of spotlights in the ERCO range, Parscan lends itself particularly to perception-orientated lighting concepts in retail design as well as for use in museums.

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Pollux spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers – for magic moments
The compact Pollux spotlight is the convenient lighting tool for versatile use in the design, modelling and manipulation of light. Available also as contour spotlights, their sharp-edged beam can be adjusted to suit the format of any image and object to produce fascinating effects.

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