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ERCO Newsletter 11

Published in February 2017
Dear friends and partners of good lighting

We hope you have had a happy and healthy start to the New Year and feel re-energised to embark on new projects. At ERCO, we are excited to be releasing our advanced LED technology and ERCO luminaire system design that we have perfected to the highest level of sophistication. Our innovative products for 2017 demonstrate once more our holistic and practical approach to perception-orientated lighting design.

Compar, our linear downlight for distinctive architectural and office lighting, for example, delivers brilliant light with five extremely precise light distribution options for general and workplace lighting. As a flexible recessed spotlight with a technoid aesthetic, Gimbal lends itself perfectly to retail projects. Oseris, on the other hand, with its distinctive spherical hinge is perfectly suited to the corporate lighting of design-conscious brands and modern galleries, combining the advantages of flexible Spherolit lenses with a charming luminaire design. Our new and exciting lighting tools are launched with a consistently advanced ERCO luminaire system concept, offering highly variable solutions for any given task in architectural lighting design – with extra wide flood light distribution for all our spotlights and the highly efficient oval wide flood lens for Compar to meet the varying requirements of contemporary office lighting. What is more, we have upgraded a number of established and successful ERCO ranges, such as Parscan and Skim, to include new design sizes in conjunction with additional lumen packages and have perfected our control gear units for flawless performance. Curtains up for the latest ERCO Innovations 2017!
Light reports
Structuring information with ERCO light: "No Beer without the Alster Lake" exhibition in the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
"No Beer without the Alster Lake" is a charming exhibition in the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte that focuses on the culture of brewing in northern Germany. Its lighting concept masterfully demonstrates the art of using different lighting distributions to produce a distinct design language. Our film report shows how ERCO Light Board spotlights guide visitors through the densely packed culturally-historic exhibition using different lenses, ranging from narrow spot and spot to flood, oval flood and wallwash.
Light reports
The opulence of the Orient in striking ERCO LED light: Schuhbeck’s world of fine spices, Munich
Implementing an effective presentation, whether it be of products, exhibits or architecture, requires a modern approach to qualitative lighting design based around a wide spectrum of light distributions, faithful colour rendering and consistent light colour. “Schuhbeck’s world of fine spices” in Munich, opened by Michelin star rated chef Alfons Schuhbeck, offers a fascinating choreography of scenic lighting using only two light colours in dialogue. Contrasting neutral white with warm white light creates an ambience reminiscent of an Oriental bazaar, whilst optimal colour rendering enhances the appetising presentation of the fragrant spices in various earth tones. Let our report take you to the exotic ambience of the Orient!
Photometrics & Practice
Retail design looking upwards: lighting as infrastructure and an element of brand presentation
Good light is as important to ERCO as a sophisticated and aesthetic approach to integrating the luminaires in the architecture. In retail design, for example, the ceiling has long been neglected as an element of design, yet provides a flexible basis for illuminating products and at the same time a valuable framework for brand presentation. Our new technical article explains how lighting on ceilings can be skilfully used for displaying and highlighting goods, and outlines the possibilities of the lighting concept and specific luminaire arrangements on ceilings.
As always, we hope our selection of innovative ERCO products will inspire ideas for your own lighting design and building projects. Our approach to light as the fourth dimension of architecture provides a solid basis for ERCO’s vision of making a positive contribution to society and architecture.

Kind regards,
Your ERCO editorial team
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