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Published in February 2015
The moment finally came at the turn of year: ERCO now was the first established luminaire manufacturer with a redesigned product range based completely on LED technology. Was there ever any doubt about our radical decision in the past eight years of development – this is a frequently asked question these days.

Our early focus on developing in-house expertise in optoelectronics obviously was an undertaking involving a number of unknown variables and risks; but through intensive engagement with this field, it became clear to us early on that LED technology holds significant potential. The vision of digital light now playing a part as the fourth dimension of architecture has since been the driving force behind our efforts to perfect, refine and differentiate our lighting technology consistently for the use of LED. More than that, we have chosen “light digital” as our new leitmotif to indicate that our approach to reconsider lighting in every possible aspect is more than purely a question of technology for ERCO.

The best example of the brilliance and diversity of digital light is ERCO’s innovations in 2015. Be it in shops and offices, galleries and restaurants, educational facilities and homes – our digital lighting tools cover the full bandwidth of lighting requirements with utmost precision and efficiency. Numerous awards from international design institutions affirm us in our product developments: ERCO recently received three Good Design Awards, three London Design Awards, and four awards from the German Designer Club, (Deutscher Designer Club – DCC).

ERCO’s expertise in every aspect is evidenced not least in our lighting projects implemented all over the world: such as Matthew Penn’s hyperrealistic art, pin sharp in ERCO light; a shopping mall illuminated by 2,500 Skim downlights; and, of course, our own new showroom in a former Stockholm light bulb factory.

May we wish you all a wonderful start to the New Year – and enjoy the read!

ERCO editorial team
New ERCO products 2015
ERCO has shifted into a new era – the era of digital light, with a product range based now entirely on LED technology. “light digital” sums up our approach to reconsider lighting in every possible aspect based on the opportunities of LEDs: from light generation and light guidance through to light control. This results in highly amazing and efficient lighting tools which allow spaces, art and products to be modelled precisely with brilliant light. Check out the diversity of our innovations!

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light digital – ERCO’s new leitmotif
“light digital” as a leitmotif will be our focus over the next few years inspiring us to develop new digital lighting tools. Read here in eight chapters what specifically “light digital” means for ERCO.

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ERCO wins gold, silver, bronze for “Good Design” – on top of Grand Prix as “Company of the Year”
On 28 November 2014 ERCO received as many as four awards at the annual “Good Design” competition organised by the German Designer Club, DDC. The awards underline the successful strategy of ERCO to emerge into the digital age by focusing on optoelectronics in all areas of its business.

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ERCO showroom in Stockholm: State-of-the-art lighting technology in former light bulb factory
The address could not be more apt: The new ERCO showroom in Stockholm is located at Ljusslingan 1, which translates as “Light Loop”. In recent years, the “Luma Park” has come to be seen as the new centre of Sweden’s creative industry.

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Project report
Shopping under stars
The rise of shopping malls based on the American model continues unabated throughout Europe. Often, these malls are carelessly designed complexes raised with focus primarily on cost savings. Fortunately there are some, however, which show that a construction project can also be implemented to provide an architecturally aesthetic appearance – without compromising on functionality and efficiency. One such example is the recently opened Bory Mall on the western outskirts of Bratislava.

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Matthew Penn’s sense of light
Matthew Penn combines traditional painting techniques with the latest lighting technology to create portraits that come to life. He relies on ERCO for the spotlight systems which he tailors precisely to his paintings to enhance their production and the display of his art. Gerrit Terstiege talked to the British artist about his creative approach to light.

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