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Published in February 2014
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It is precision, high-quality lighting tools that have made ERCO a global partner for architectural lighting solutions – their creation is down to the people in the ERCO lighting network. International architects, lighting designers and engineers that never fail to inspire us with their projects that in turn help the ERCO dedicate themselves to helping designers convert their visions into reality in creative ways.

Creative people call on us as lighting consultants, as a source of inspiration and also as problem solvers. Inspiration is found wherever you look for it:

Digital media make it possible to communicate widely and quickly in concentrated form. In the age of digital media, all future ERCO stories will be in full multi-media format: Visit our brand-new website at where you will find documentary films, project reports and interviews. The new Light Finder is a real highlight - an online and intuitive tool that will help you find the right light for your architectural project from the very start of your creative design process.
Be inspired!        
Your ERCO team
Project report
Siegerland Motorway Church
The bright white, polygonal façade of the Siegerland Motorway Church catches the eye even from afar. A pictorial wooden structure, it defies the noisy surroundings of a hotel, a fast food restaurant and a petrol station. Architect Michael Schumacher from schneider+schumacher in Frankfurt am Main explained its design to us on a tour of the church.
Where do you find your inspiration?
One of our strengths and a core competence is to be on hand with help and advice for people involved in creative architectural and lighting design. Now we are interested in understanding how the individuals we work with find their inspiration. A number of our partners have enlightened us as to what motivates them, which projects they find fascinating and what issues they face on a daily basis.
Online tool
ERCO Light Finder
You want illuminate objects in the room? Or on the wall? You need warm white light? And want to dim it? You want your luminaires to be an unobtrusive white? Or better elegant black? Based on the lighting requirements of your architectural design, we will help you in quick and easy-to-understand steps to find the best lighting solution. Find the right ERCO products with innovative LED technology for your project – with our intuitive Light Finder!
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