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Digital Lichtbericht 8

Published in January 2016
Dear Sir or Madam,
Darth Vader’s lightsaber as a lighting tool? A reinterpretation of the wax candle? Or maybe just the opposite – the new archetype of digital light? Whatever associations Lucy evokes, our new task light polarises opinion with its radically minimised design. Lucy is one of many brand-new ERCO products designed to open up the options for creative and technical designers and turn their visions into reality. From the major upgrade of the popular Quintessence downlights system to the Castor bollard with magically uniform and symmetrical light right through to our specially developed control gear with consistent dimming characteristics down to 1%, suitable even for studio recording: The new generation of ERCO lighting tools combines digital precision with superior light quality to offer the broadest possible scope for design with exceptional energy efficiency and longevity.

Our decision to migrate to a 100% LED platform has proven an enormous advantage. After completing the switchover to digital light in January 2015, the year, it seems, only gained momentum presenting us with a number of fascinating projects all around the world. With the Fondazione Prada in Milan, the Hansemuseum in Lübeck and the Australian Biennale Pavilion in Venice, ERCO had the privilege of being involved in three of the most exciting new museum projects to be realised in 2015, and the pleasure of equipping the Imperial Forums in Rome as one of the most formidable ancient monuments of the Roman Empire with LED light. Next to these prestigious ventures, ERCO lighting tools now also enhance less prominent yet equally challenging architectural projects: such as insurance offices and creative design studios, concept stores and shopping centres.

The new offices of Le Silla, for instance, demonstrate that the Italian shoe label applies precision and exclusive design as much to its offices as to its footwear. As a department store selling culture, Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Berlin embarked on one of the most interesting shop concepts in Germany involving a complete migration to LED light for an entirely new in-store experience. Effective architectural lighting in the Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgarden, meanwhile, emphasises the breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps through floor-to-ceiling windows. In façade lighting projects, ERCO light ensures precise illumination of urban architecture without glare, as revealed in an interview with Sunshee Lim of New York lighting design firm Kugler Ning.

With the spectrum of digital lighting applications growing continually, we were inspired in our development work to venture new ideas for our product launch in 2016 whilst optimising our established range consistently for LED technology. We invite you to take a look at our overview of ERCO Innovations 2016 for full details – you might even find the inspiration you need for your lighting project.

In any case, we wish you all a happy, peaceful and healthy start to a New Year filled with fresh energy and new ideas!

Best regards from
your ERCO editorial team
ERCO New Products 2016
Redesigned consistently, from light generation and light guidance through to light control, our specialised LED optical systems form the foundation for a hugely creative usage in architectural lighting design, new applications for downlights and the efficient operation of ERCO lighting tools. It’s out now! ERCO launches the latest generation of digital lighting tools. Be it for energy-efficient illumination in administration and educational buildings or for optimised visual comfort in the office, for the effective presentation of objects in the shop and museum or a unique ambience in the restaurant – our innovative products offer a diversity of features designed to simplify and enhance the planning process.

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Le Silla
Low-key elegance: The head office of footwear label Le Silla
The offices in the newly built headquarters of Le Silla, where the Italian family establishment designs and develops its exclusive footwear, are equipped with ERCO recessed luminaires. Besides delivering functionality with exceptional energy efficiency, the lighting solution adds to the elegant character of the premises.

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Brilliant, masterful and efficient: The relighting of Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Berlin
Established almost two decades ago, Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus in Berlin is now in the process of upgrading its in-store design experience. At the heart of its modernised concept is a new lighting system with advanced ERCO LED lighting tools. The project illustrates the advantages of cutting-edge digital shop lighting – particularly for challenging merchandise such as books, DVDs and other read-intensive media.

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Gymnicher Mühle, Erftstadt
What might it be like to follow the footsteps of Moses passing through the waters on dry ground? What would be the impression of flora and fauna along the way? These and many other questions are answered in the “Flusskörper” at the KM 51 – Erftmuseum. Simulating a watery river run, the installation is designed as an oblong walk-in room with graphics and exhibits presenting cross sections of a river with its abundance of animal and plant life. The room gives insights to visitors that are otherwise reserved for scuba fans.

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The natural light of the LED: Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden
The restaurant, which covers an area of some 480 square metres, is in use all day. From breakfasts to candlelit dinners, its ambience is surprisingly varied and flexible: using a combination of DALI-controlled LED lighting tools with warm white and neutral white light, the light mood adapts itself to the time of day.

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Precision is the key
What are the current issues facing the lighting industry in New York? How do you illuminate the façades along Manhattan’s skyline without causing glare? Is Dark Sky technology a must particularly for densely populated megacities? An interview with Sunshee Lim of Kugler Ning – the lighting design firm responsible for the relighting of the historic Walker Tower in New York with ERCO lighting tools.

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