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Digital Lichtbericht 7

Published in October 2015
What do Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and ERCO have in common? Well, the most obvious connection is passion for light and an inquisitive mind, and yet we share another trait with the great German poet, and that is a fascination for Italy.

ERCO has supplied major Italian fashion labels as well as a whole host of boutiques with precision lighting tools for many years, but this year, the scope and diversity of our Italian lighting projects moved beyond our expectations – a couple of the more notable projects include a narrative lighting concept for the heavily symbolic Imperial Forums in Rome, the lighting of Australia’s new Biennale pavilion in Venice and the new Fondazione Prada in Milan as well as the relighting of Milan Cathedral. Each of them shows that digital ERCO luminaires, with our amazing technological platform, have become firm components as efficient lighting tools for differentiated, perception-orientated and energy-efficient lighting concepts.

This adds to our excitement and anticipation of the PLDC that we will attend with our own booth this year. One unique highlight is that we will present a preview of the 2016 digital innovations that will almost certainly intrigue you. Please do join us when the new parameters for lighting design based on LED technology are discussed and tweaked at one of the world’s most exciting lighting design conventions – the autumn is a perfect time for a trip through Italy

Whether you’re involved with museums or historic sites, the illumination of landmarks is, and remains, a challenge. Lighting concepts in the public domain must stage the impressive dimensions of monumentally large structures and extensive spaces effectively using high levels of luminous flux, but without causing glare for the traffic and people around. With this in mind, ERCO has just launched the new outdoor luminaire Kona as a perfect lighting tool for the illumination of tall buildings at extended distances – allowing large luminaire spacing for maximum performance with efficient visual comfort and excellent glare control.

See you in Rome!

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Black Box – White Cube: Australia’s Biennale pavilion in ERCO light
The attractions at this year’s Venice Art Biennale include the recently completed Pavilion of Australia – the first new structure of a prestigious country pavilion to be built in the 21st century. ERCO spotlights were chosen for the illumination of its exhibition space.

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Bringing majestic dimensions to life: The relighting of Milan Cathedral
“Lungh 'me la fabrica del Domm,” the Milanese say in Lombard dialect when no end is in sight. A case in point is the construction of the Cathedral in the heart of Milan in northern Italy – which has been in progress since 1368. ERCO is responsible for its upgraded lighting with efficient LED lighting tools.

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Using light to model history: the Imperial Forums in Rome
One of the most prestigious lighting projects to have been completed is now open for business – the relighting of the ancient Imperial Forums in Rome premiered on 21 April 2015, right on time for the city’s birthday. The designers behind the project were the renowned lighting designer, and Oscar-winning cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro and his daughter Francesca. An insight into the implementation process of the narrative lighting concept under the direction of a perfectionist – with lighting tools supplied by ERCO

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Anwendungen planen
Planning light
Projects from the international ERCO universe
With Italy as just one example of recent activities, ERCO equips shops and offices, educational facilities and administration buildings, restaurants, churches and homes with architectural lighting in almost every region across the world, demonstrating our panoramic view. Learn more about spectacular lighting concepts and everyday projects with small budgets.

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New in the outdoor range: Kona – powerful light with maximum visual comfort
ERCO is excited to introduce one of its innovative products ahead of the annual launch in January: The Kona outdoor luminaire features digital ERCO photometrics par excellence. Comprising projectors, floodlights and wallwashers, the new range was developed to combine high luminous flux with maximum visual comfort.

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Pantrac spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers
Pantrac exceeds the demands of the ultimate challenge in lighting design: perfect wallwashing. The system is designed to achieve superb uniform illumination of walls, product shelving or exhibits with total visual comfort. Innovative photometric technology improves the energy efficiency and, as a result, reduce the number of luminaires required, as these can be spaced exceptionally far apart. With its archetypal cubic design, the luminaire integrates as effortlessly with modern rooms as with historic architecture. A very wide dimming control range of 1% to 100% supports aesthetic and conservation aspects of artwork protection and gallery appearance.

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Optec, the all-round talent
Anything is possible with Optec. Offering a huge range of options with different light distributions and lumen packages, the spotlight range covers the full bandwidth of lighting requirements in shops, galleries and museums – high-contrast accent lighting, floodlighting of exhibits, uniform illumination of walls, or sharp-edged beams for striking effects. The combination of cuboid and cylinder delivers a classic design with less volume.

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