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Published in September 2015
What does “Generation Y” have to do with modern office lighting? Quite a lot in fact since it is the one that is shaping the future of the workplace. The sophisticated young generation of twenty to thirty year olds values creative and meaningful work as much as a living their private life to the full. It juggles quite comfortably with mobile devices, a plethora of media channels and an ever increasing flood of information. So workplaces must provide an optimal environment for a productive information society, offering scope for concentrated working and innovative thinking, but beyond that, promotes brand identification.

In this context, we can see a change in the use of office lighting. Lighting standards alone are no longer enough to reflect the individual visual requirements of the office users in such dynamic working environments. With this in mind, designers are now increasingly adopting an approach which ERCO has taken right from the start: that of perception-orientated lighting design.

This would seem to make sense considering that the precise and well-considered zoning of offices with only a few luminaires is fundamentally both cost-effective and efficient. A differentiated lighting concept which illuminates crucial areas with well-aimed precision creates perceptions of hierarchy for optimum orientation, but more so, it enables individual illumination for brainstorming as well as for concentrated concept work. Vertical illuminance, on the other hand, is ideal particularly for small rooms, giving architecture a more spacious feel. Finally, striking corporate lighting is a powerful medium to help brand a company.

The precision which ERCO exercises in the development of museum or shop lighting is equally applied to our lighting tools for the office environment. Have a browse through our reports on international office lighting projects with ERCO and find out more about the ERCO product range for the office!

And if your boss catches you reading this, refer him to us, because inspiration is an important part of the work.

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“At w40 we don’t realise projects to generate a nice photo for a magazine, but for people”

Interview with Markus Gabler, owner of w40
w40 is an office for brand architecture. The architects from Wiesbaden have just finished a project that has been particularly close to their hearts: the extension of their own office – with LED lighting supplied by ERCO. We spoke to w40 founder Markus Gabler about light in a shop setting and in the office.

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An experience for customers – great ergonomics for staff
The new premises of the long-established Catalan graphic design specialist “Graficas Varias” were styled by interior design firm Metre Quadrat Studio. Contrasting materials and light create a visual experience for customers and visitors, and the office lighting with ERCO LED technology meets every ergonomic requirement: A perfectly efficient and sustainable lighting solution.

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Business in white
Recently opened, the Market Center Madrid of Engel & Völkers features state-of-the-art office lighting with modern and efficient lighting tools supplied by ERCO. The lighting solution demonstrates masterfully how to combine visual comfort with economic efficiency in a progressive and dynamic office setting.

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Business Center Florentinum, Prague
The Florentinum qualifies as the largest office building in Prague. Its design quality together with the elegance of its interior put it in the top tier among high-end buildings of its kind in the Czech capital. Located within walking distance to the central station and the historic city centre, it offers an attractive location and great accessibility. The differentiated outdoor lighting using ERCO luminaires guides through the complex and adds significantly to its high amenity value.

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Oncological Centre, Dillingen
In earlier times, when medical practices were designed primarily with a focus on a sterile, clinical appearance, today’s health facilities are increasingly recognised by their homely interior. The Oncological Centre in Dillingen, Germany and headed by Professor Dirk Hempel was planned in the best possible way to try to help patients feel at ease throughout their treatment. The Opton spotlight with its precise, brilliant light creates a bright and pleasant atmosphere that lifts the low ceilings and creates visual space.

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Pinsent Masons law firm, Belfast
International law firm Pinsent Masons recently opened a new office in the prestigious “The Soloist” building in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The lighting concept is based on a variety of ERCO luminaires to meet the complex requirements of a modern office environment.

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Planning light
Digital light for offices
Be it in international law firms or in the creative environment of an architectural office: A focused work environment with great visual comfort has a major influence on bringing out the best in every employee. Perception-orientated lighting with glare-free lighting tools helps to create atmosphere in the office, while producing a homogeneous overall appearance for the company. The consistent system design and flexible lens technology of ERCO products enables different lighting solutions to be implemented for classic work environments such as open-plan offices and conference situations, but also for individual, flexible settings.

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Iconic Awards for Gecko and Starpoint
ERCO lighting tools have been singled out for excellence at the Iconic Awards for the second successive year: The international jury awarded the architecture and interior design award both to our Gecko outdoor luminaire and to the Starpoint range.

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Skim downlight
A true alternative to linear office luminaires: The cost-effective ERCO Skim downlight with a new lens made of optical polymer is a master of uniform ambient lighting and equally adept at linear light distribution with oval flood characteristic, an achievement of which ERCO is particularly proud. Available optionally with a black or white anti-glare cone, it offers an unobtrusive and aesthetic solution to ceiling design in the office.

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Quadra downlight
Be it ambient lighting with wide flood distribution, light for conference tables with oval flood characteristic or vertical illuminance for hallways using double wallwashers: The Quadra downlight fulfils every lighting requirement for differentiated and efficient office lighting. Its shallow recess depths makes it the ideal choice for any architecture.

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