Innovator Insights is a collection of reflections and advice on networking, community building, and entrepreneurship by Kelly Hoey.
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Innovator Insights


Online! Offline! Digital Edition

My finely crafted weekly insights are brought to you by Ghurka.

Learning AND instruction went online for me last week. I launched into Savor The Success’ online PR School and led a #DreamJobSummit session on how to network your way into your dream job for SkillCrush. 

As I said in my commencement address to the Class of 2015 graduates at Marymount High School in New York – curiosity and inquiry are the only skill-sets that will not be redundant in five years. We all need to be lifelong learners. Constantly learning is how you innovate, how you successfully navigate a career of reinvention.
Why PR school? Because I have a product aka my forthcoming book to turn into a bestseller in the coming year! And I need to know what publicity, promotion, and boosting I can do myself (or the groundwork to lay to make it stronger for a PR firm to represent me). DIY does not replace retaining a top professional, it only enhances the possibility of greater future collaborations and partnerships. An educated consumer puts herself in front of opportunities…
To say I loved leading a #DreamJobSummit career session would be an understatement. I’ve lived and breathed the networking agony of switching careers – oh, let’s just say more than once or twice. You can still catch my tried & true been there done that guidance and networking perspective for a limited time here on SkillCrush. As a bonus, I’ve shared my tips for improving your LinkedIn profile too. There were over 50 additional questions submitted during the one-hour webinar. Watch for those answers in a future blog post – yes, I promised to answer every question. Every. Single. One. Let no networking challenge go unsolved!
As readers of this newsletter know, I use this opportunity to share ideas and experiences – as well as things I love or find valuable. Typically it is unsolicited. Increasingly, it is because I have been hired to work with a brand. What hasn’t changed – beyond compensation – is I work with, recognize and endorse products, services, companies, organizations etc. that I believe in.
This is where Ghurka comes in. Yes, I love timeless, handcrafted leather goods – and when they are designed in the U.S., then crafted by artisans in this country (as well as in Europe), I have more to love. So I’m excited to jump on board with Ghurka as a brand ambassador. You’ll see posts with enticing images and other travel goods temptations from me, plus offers and special events. Putting it officially on the record – Ghurka’s Dali bag, is my bag.

It’s Wednesday, and I’m in Atlanta for #TMRWTour16 with Comcast NBCUniversal and

Oh Canada! I’ll be in the nation’s capital on April 1 to keynote at the Legacy Conference.
If you’re reading this in North Carolina, I’ll be speaking at Duke University on April 12 for #CollegeHackTour with Femgineer founder Poornima Vijayashanker.
New York, New York, you can find me interviewing author and co-founder of Foreign Policy Interrupted, Elmira Bayrasli at the Apple Store (SoHo) on March 29. At the local Grace Hopper Institute event hosted by BNY Mellon on April 4. AND at the Women In Innovation Forum on April 21.
More good digital stuff….Kauffman Fellows Academy is offering it’s digital course demystifying venture deals for free. Guiding startups and founders through the venture process is none other than legendary investor, Brad Feld. Did I mention this was free? Classes start online on April 24.

And more online, sort of! In response to the numerous inquiries I receive on how to become a thought-leader or writing for national publications or landing speaking gigs etc. etc. etc., I’ve partnered with one of the startups in my angel investment portfolio (Cloudpeeps) to offer a visibility-boosting-profile-raising-do-as-I’ve-done package. Yes, this is another way to work with me in this new economic order. If you’ve got a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) and raising your visibility online – and off – is going to make that BHAG a reality, then sign-up for my Cloudpeeps package and prepare to roll-up your sleeves with me to make it happen.



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