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Dogwood and River Birch

Dancing in the Trees

The coolest thing that’s happened in our garden in a long time was getting our very large, multi-trunked River Birch pruned. The arborists we hired were amazing! They climbed the tree like walking up a ladder. They rigged all these ropes to hold themselves up, and to ease the cut large branches down to the ground. They had men on the ground controlling large branches’ descent and removing the trimmings, and men in the tree cutting with handsaws and chain saws. Every tool had a special spot on the arborists’ belts so their movements were fluid. It was like watching an HGTV show choreographed by Twyla Tharp — only live! 

Arborist in tree

Within 3 hours they had removed one of the 4 major trunks, removed two major arms off another trunk, and had thinned the top, reducing the overall size by about 4’, while retaining the natural shape of the River Birch. It no longer looks oversize for our property and my garden beds below will once again be happy in the dappled sunlight. To see some great photos of the remarkable process, click here. For info on John B. Ward Arborists, click here.

Arborist in tree
Narcissus Tete a Tete

A Retreat for You!

Make your garden a special retreat that enriches your life and feeds your soul. To see some examples of my designs, please visit my website: Or feel free to call me at 610-896-8444, or email me at I'd love to help you create outdoor spaces that you will enjoy for years to come.


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Creative Inspiration

In the Philadelphia area, we are fortunate to live near so many wonderful public gardens and parks. One of my all-time favorites is Chanticleer. Located near Wayne, PA, the gardens are some of the most creative and inspiring. Changing each year by design and each season by nature, it is worth visiting whenever you get a chance. On their map there are 15 distinctive gardens, from the semi-tropical Teacup Gardens near the entrance, to the more formal Chanticleer House Garden, to the Asian Woods and Pond Gardens, to the infamous Ruins Garden, there is so much to explore! If you've never been been, go! One visit will expand your definition of garden forever.
786 Church Road, Wayne, PA 19087. Open April through October, Wed.–Sun. 10–5.; Fri. until 8 (until August 29). More Info.

Chanticleer House Garden

Chanticleer Bells Run Creek

Chanticleer Ruins Garden

A Guide To The Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region by Adam Levine

A great reference book about gardens in the Philadelphia region. More Info...


Books and Tools

Visit my store at Amazon to easily find a wide range of books, tools and other things that will enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. 
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