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Spa Patio with Fountain

The Soothing Effect of Water

The first time I visited this property, I was impressed with its potential. When we walked out the back, I immediately noticed how clearly you could hear the traffic from the street that is directly behind the property. Yikes! The back edge has a fence and is well planted with evergreens, but the annoying irregular buzz of the traffic was still tremendously audible. Due to this noise, the homeowners did not enjoy using their outdoor space as much as they wanted to. In addition to solving the noise issue, they had a dream of adding a hot tub, a garden element they had enjoyed at their house in CA. They also did not want to give up much, if any, of their limited flat lawn space. 

In the Master Plan I designed for them, the hot tub is set right off of the side of far end of the patio. I added a fountain at the end of the patio, which not only added the relaxing sound of moving water to cover the traffic noise, but also provided privacy screening from the neighbors. 

On a recent visit, the wife told me how much more they have enjoyed their back patio since the fountain was installed. She loves having her morning coffee out there and they have entertained more as well. She also enjoys the fountain while relaxing the hot tub! 
Those comments brought joy to my heart, as it is my ultimate goal to create outdoor spaces that enrich my clients’ lives and feed their souls! 


Your Oasis

Have you been enjoying your outdoor spaces this summer? If not, I can help! Working with you, I will create a customized Master Plan for your outdoor spaces that you will love for years to come.

To see some examples of my designs, please visit my website: Or feel free to call me at 610-896-8444, or email me at



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S E A S O N A L   T I P S:

Water Your Garden

For the Mid-Atlantic region, this late summer has been quite dry. So here's a friendly reminder to water your gardens!

Most people think once summer is over, and the temperatures cool, we no longer need to water our gardens. Not true! Plants need water to survive! For new plantings this is especially true, but it is also true for established plants when it has not rained.

An Important Principle of Watering:
The water has to get to the roots of the plant which are well below the mulch. A deep thorough watering a couple times a week is much better than a light superficial watering everyday.

Great Time to Plant

For trees, shrubs and perennials, fall is a wonderful time to plant! In the fall they will be avoid going through the stressful hot summer heat of July and August. Plus your job watering will be easier with the cooler temps as well.

For lawn grass, fall is THE BEST time to seed. Seeding is the fall gives the best results as grass grows better in the cool temperatures. Just remember to water! (Lawn grass is a water hog all year long!)



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The Year of FUN!

Having declared 2019 The Year of Fun, in August I had fun making ice cream at home! A few years back my husband bought me an ice cream maker and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream At Home cookbook. Periodically I bring it all out and start to experiment. Jeni's flavors are fabulously different. In August, I made her Queen City Cayenne (dark chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne), and her Sweet Corn with Black Raspberry (photo above; I used blackberries; first time too sweet, second time perfect!) — Delish! Loving the flavor of cardamon in Indian rice pudding, I wondered if it would work in ice cream, so I started searching for a recipe. The first recipe I tried was Dark Chocolate and Cardamon — the cardamon was totally lost! Then I made up a recipe for Honey Cardamon, which was much better; just needed a bit more cardamon. I'm still experimenting and having fun! Next up: Jeni's Beet with Mascarpone and Orange; then maybe Rosemary...

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