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Aster novae-angliae

Late Summer Flying By

Butterflies, especially monarchs, are flying through the Midatlantic region in the late summer. Many native plants will attract them to stop by your garden. Here are some late-summer butterfly favorites:

Aster: Aster cordifolius, Heart-leafed aster; Aster divaricatus, White wood aster; Aster laevis, Smooth aster; Aster novae-angliae, New England aster; Aster pilosus, Heath aster; Aster puniceus, Purple-stemmed aster

Chelone: Chelone glabra, White turtlehead

Echinaea: Echinaea purpurea, Purple coneflower

EuportoriumEuportorium coelestinum, Mistflower; Euportorium fistulosum, Joe-pye weed; Euportorium hyssopifolium, Hyssop-leaved Thoroughwort; Euportorium maculatum 'Gateway', Joe-pye weed

Heliopsis:  Heliopsis helianthoides, Ox-eye

Lobelia: Lobelia cardinalis, Cardinal flower; Lobelia siphilitica, Blue lobelia

PhysostegiaPhysostegia virginiana, False dragonhead

RudbeckiaRudbeckia fulgida var. fulgida, Black-eyed Susans; Rudbeckia laciniataGreen-headed coneflower; Rudbeckia triloba, Brown-eyed Susans

Solidago: Solidago caesia, Blue-stemmed goldenrod; Solidago flexicaulis, Zig-zag goldenrod; Solidago nemoralis, Gray goldenrod; Solidago rigida, Stiff goldenrod; Solidago rugosa, Rough-stemmed goldenrod

VernoniaVernonia glauca, Upland ironweed; Vernonia noveboracensis, New York ironweed

Park Plantings


Season of Change

Make your outdoor spaces into special places that will enrich your life and feed your soul. If you need help planning your outdoor spaces, be it a new patio, new or refreshed planting designs, new water feature, or new outdoor kitchen, give me a call. To see some examples of my designs, please visit my website: Or feel free to call me at 610-896-8444, or email me at I'd love to help you create outdoor spaces that you will enjoy for years to come.


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Composting yard waste
         Nearly two million tons of yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings and brush are produced in Pennsylvania each year. By composting yours, you will be making yourself a “free” source of nutrients for your garden as well as reduce the waste going into our landfills.
         Composting is a natural process. Organic materials such as leaves, grass, and vegetable scraps are broken down by microorganisms, which result in a rich soil-like substance called compost or humus that’s fantastic for your garden beds. And you only need an area 4’ x 4’ to start a compost pile.
         It’s a win-win all around, so why not start composting!

         To learn more about composting, click here.

Solidago and Bees
Bringing Home Nature by Douglas W. Tallamy

Books and Tools
I have set up a page at Amazon for you to easily find books, tools and other items that will enhance your appreciation of your outdoor spaces. 
Click here to be inspired!

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