What should the new Ontario Place Park look like?
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Is this your idea of a "Romantic Garden"?

Or would you like to see many more of
Ontario's native plants growing here?
What should be planted at the new waterfront
Ontario Place Park?

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is ripping up a 7.5 acre downtown waterfront  parking lot to create a new green park connected to the waterfront trail.

What sort of park should be there? NANPS founder, Jim French, has proposed the creation of an Ontario Native Plant Reserve, to showcase the beauty of Ontario's native plants and to provide habitat for birds, butterflies and other native pollinators.

Please show your support for  this idea by filling out the survey at:

So far, the plans show a very standard park design, with lots of trees, grass, rocks and trails, but few or no native plants. Surely a park at Ontario place should highlight the beauty of Ontario's natural flora?

Follow the links below to find out more:

The Official Plan

Jim French's Vision

Make your voice heard!
Fill out the SURVEY!

This email is going out to all NANPS members, past and present, as we feel this is an important issue, which all native plant enthusiasts should be informed about and have the chance speak up. If you are not currently a member of NANPS, please consider rejoining at .


Native plants are beautiful - whether seen in natural surroundings, in parks, in public spaces or in private gardens.

Native plants are important - they provide us with food, medicines, dyes and wood; they feed the pollinators which our crops depend on; they provide habitat and food for wildlife; they clean the air. They can reduce global warming and relieve stress.

Native plants are threatened - by loss and fragmentation of habitat, by invasive species, and by global warming.

Native plants are in peril from human activity, and need human help! The North American Native Plant Society (NANPS) is dedicated to the Study, Conservation, Cultivation & Restoration of North America's Native Flora.

We work locally in Southern Ontario where we hold an annual plant sale, run a seed exchange, arrange and give lectures, run tours, set up information booths at events, and do plant rescues and restoration plantings. We publish guides to planting native species in Southern Ontario, and we conserve two properties, Zinkan Cove and Shining Tree Woods.

We promote our mission across North America via our magazine, "The Blazing Star" and on the Internet. We have a web site (, an official Facebook page ( and are active on Twitter ( We also have a Wikipedia entry and are on LinkedIn.

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