The power function in MathX 2.2.1, MathX for iOS 10, and more.
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Welcome to the first issue of MathX News. This is an experiment for us, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

The power function in MathX 2.2.1

MathX 2.2.1 brought a great improvement for the Standard Calculator, Graphical Representation, and the Today Widget.

We’ve improved our mathematical evaluation engine. With MathX 2.2.1, the power function can now handle negative numbers raised to a non-integer power.

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MathX for iOS 10: TestFlight is Open

Next week, we’re starting a TestFlight of MathX 2.3. This update adds an iMessage extension and a brand new Widget.

iOS 10 will introduce the ability for third-party developers to create iMessage extension. And with MathX 2.3, we’re adding our powerful calculator to Messages app.

With the MathX iMessage extension, you can make calculations or access to your history without having to leave the Messages app. 

MathX iMessage extension will also include our all-new keyboard, which will enable new features in MathX 2.* and beyond. The new keyboard allows you to turn it into a trackpad on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and brings alternative keys.
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