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What to do immediately after a car accident, and when to seek care

Immediately after a car accident, most people will ignore minor pain and potential injury.  They’re caught up in the moment; exchanging information, calling their insurance company, dealing with a wrecked car, and filing police reports. If your injuries are not severe, it is very easy to ignore the need for medical attention.


Your health is more valuable than any car will ever be, AND The failure to seek medical treatment after your car accident can cost you money and valuable healing and recovery time.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind after your accident.

The Degree of Damage Done to the Car is No Indication of Injury
Extreme damage to your vehicle and pain are indicators that you should seek medical help quickly, BUT don’t discount a minor fender bender’s ability to cause long term injuries and suffering.  Even a small accident can cause damage to your soft tissue, and your neck or your back.
If not treated expediently, these injuries can result in chronic issues.
Your car is designed to absorb shock and keep you as safe as possible in a collision, but even with modern safety features it isn’t capable of fully protecting the occupants from all injury.  Any time your body is suddenly and forcefully jerked like what can happen in a rear-end accident, there is potential for injury.  Over half of all documented whiplash injuries happen in accidents involving very little vehicle damage.
Get evaluated by a professional – It is the only way to be sure.

Lack of Pain Right After the Accident Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Injured
Sometimes it can take several days or even a few weeks or months for an injury to show.  Even  if you “feel fine” after the accident, you should always make an appointment for a professional evaluation by a chiropractor as soon as possible.

Many insurance companies will deny claims for doctor visits after a certain amount of time has passed, even if the injury seems to be from the accident.  The sooner you are evaluated, the better , but try to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor within two weeks of the accident to make sure your visits and injuries are covered. 

The Sooner You Can See a Chiropractor, the Shorter Your Recovery Will Be
Your chiropractor will assess and document your injuries, and begin treatment for them right away.  This is important because while you are not feeling pain, you could still have neck or back injuries. 
Chiropractors are specially trained in many things and follow up post-accident is one of their specialties.  Chiropractic attention to address injuries will aid in stopping pain and speeding the healing process.  Your chiropractor will, through a series of gentle spinal manipulations, help you by:

  1. Restoring your mobility:  As the days pass after your accident, you will develop soreness and stiffness that can severely limit your mobility and the ability to perform daily activities.  Your chiropractor can address these issues and get you back on your feet quickly.

  2. Healing the Injury:  A trained chiropractor will improve your strength and flexibility following your accident.  Chiropractic adjustments will also improve your health in the long-term.

  3. Relieving the Pain: Your chiropractor is trained to understand soft tissue injuries and the pain they can bring.  A chiropractic adjustment will help these injuries heal, naturally and without harmful medications, faster than they would without treatment. 

Make Your Appointment Immediately After Your Accident 
With all the phone calls you have to make following a car accident, make sure that one of those calls is to you chiropractor. Waiting too long to seek medical attention will cost you money and valuable healing time and may make a minor injury worse without treatment.

Don’t ignore minor pain or assume that you’re not injured because you feel O.K.  A chiropractor will assess you and, if an injury is discovered, will begin immediate treatment to heal you and get you back to your life with a natural, non-invasive treatment plan.  Give our office a call if you've been in an accident.  Dr. Williams can help!


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